Explore the Natural Origins of the Zodiac

Journey Through the 12 Signs to Perceive the Living Architecture of Astrology


Imagine walking into the forest and observing the astrological archetypes emerging out of the elements before your eyes.

Imagine gazing into the fire and learning from the flame itself all you ever wanted to know and understand about the archetype of Leo.

Imagine the plants speaking to you and awakening your own previously unknown Virgo nature.

Imagine astrology as a language that would allow you to interact and communicate directly with mother nature.

If you are like me, you are seeking a path of truth, harmony and wisdom. You are seeking a connection with nature and life in the purest way possible, to connect with the part of your own humanity that is truly magical and timeless.

Seasonal Cosmology is a year-long journey through the 12 signs of the Zodiac, that will lead you on a path of astrological awakening.

If you are seeking to bring your understanding of astrology to life in a profound yet simple way, then please join me on the path of Living Astrology!

"Tyler expanded my own view of astrology, illuminating how the cyclical patterns of all of creation also influence our individual blueprint. Most importantly, his insights provided me with clear and practical guidelines for realizing the greatest potential for my expansion in this lifetime."

Mahalie ~ Seattle, Washington

Seasonal Cosmology

A Monthly Subscription Program

So you want to take your astrology studies to another level yet your busy schedule doesn't allow you to invest a lot of time and resources in to it? Or perhaps you would like to begin learning astrology for your own personal development but want to start with something simple and inexpensive.  Maybe you are an experienced astrologer and are just looking to deepen your understanding with a new perspective and the Living Astrology model has sparked your interest.

These are the reasons why I have created the Seasonal Cosmology program. This program is a great way to begin learning the Living Astrology model with minimal time and monetary commitment. If you are seeking to build a solid astrological foundation without getting overwhelmed, then this is the perfect program for you.

Learning astrology in a way that truly makes sense can be overwhelming. It's easy to find all the information you want on the subject, but putting it all together and applying it to your life without guidance can be difficult. I know because I have been studying the subject for over 15 years and now have a very solid philosophical perspective on astrology that is grounded into our living reality.

In Seasonal Cosmology I will break down each sign of the zodiac during its current seasonal cycle. Focusing on one sign at a time and going into every aspect of its correlating components will give you a complete understanding of each sign. Learning them in order and at their current time of the season allows you to reflect and observe the expressions of each sign within nature and the elements.

This course is perfect for someone brand new to astrology, as it delivers a simple yet profound foundational base to grow from. Yet even an advanced practicing astrologer will get a lot out of this program, as it provides a completely new perspective and cosmological framework that will only enhance their work.

Once you finish this program you will have a firm grasp of each sign of the zodiac and they will each truly be alive in the world around you.



"I was personally fascinated by his ability to synthesize a highly intricate methodology into an easily digestible interpretation that just made sense. And that’s what it all comes down to… He just makes sense and what he shares just fits."

Justin ~ Grass Valley, California

Here's What You'll Gain From this Program

  • A Complete Cosmology of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

    You will learn the foundational framework of the Living Astrology model. Learn the connections from one sign to the next to understand the pattern as a whole. You will be shown the connection of the 12 signs with: the seasons, the elements, the structure of the human body, psyche and growth process on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. By learning a cosmological perspective, all of your work with astrology will be greatly enhanced and brought to life.

  • An Astrological Map of Human Consciousness

    Astrology lays out a clear and precise map of creation. This map can be applied to many different aspects of life, and by turning its focus onto ourselves we can gain many profound insights into human consciousness. Our own human design has a direct connection with the way in which our planet and solar system move and interact with one another. Humans and the solar system were both created by the same elements and energetic principals.

  • The Living Link Between Astrology & The Elements

    You will learn the energetic origins of the signs through observing the elements in nature. The signs each represent a living archetype that expresses itself within the elements, the seasonal cycle and the different times of day. This will help you to unlock the teachings of each sign and utilize nature as a guide for healing & wisdom.

  • Archetypes, Stories, Myths & Philosophy

    Learn the many stories and myths that astrology holds about the archetypal landscape that we live in. Much wisdom is contained within these stories and the myths show us the beliefs, teachings and philosophies on life held by our human ancestors. Astrology’s mythical and archetypal foundation helps us to bring the language of astrology down to earth and understand it on a human level.

  • A Deeper Appreciation for Nature

    This program will allow you to see the interconnectedness of all things. Astrology is a language of nature, and by learning this language you can communicate and interact with the natural world in a profoundly beautiful way. Having a more intimate relationship with nature helps us to value our own life and the role we have as humans on this Earth. See how astrology is far more than just learning about the stars.

  • Clarity and heightened Self-Understanding

    Astrology provides you with a profoundly helpful way to gain personal clarity and insights. In this program you will learn how astrology shows our own personal path of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution. By recognizing the patterns of the seasonal cycle you will gain a much deeper understanding into the nature of time as well as a powerful outline for personal growth.

"Tyler has an innate ability to make connections, to paint a picture of what’s happening on the grand cosmic scale and then explain it in a way that makes sense to you in your own personal life!”

Dylan Walker ~ Portland, Oregon

Here's What You Get in this Program:

  • A monthly video on each sign of the zodiac (90 minutes average).
  • Audio mp3 downloads will be available for each class so you can learn on the go.
  • A discussion forum for each lesson to connect with other students and post your questions & comments.
  • All content is accessible with internet connection on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Lifetime access to the program, any updates made over the years are FREE to you.
  • downloadable pdf files of the outlines, notes & diagrams.
  • The entire subscription program is for 12 months, but you may cancel at anytime.

Plus Over $35 of BONUSES!

  • Students of the program may choose any 2 video lessons being sold and get them for FREE!
  • Students will also receive 10% OFF an initial birth chart consultation and 5% OFF all other consultations! PLUS 5% off consultations for family and friends during the entire year of the program!

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Student Testimonials From Other Programs

"The best thing about Tyler's way of teaching is that he gives you the opportunity to teach yourself, as well as notice the planetary archetypes in everyday life. For me, he gave me a perfect and tangible language to describe energies that I already understood. Tyler puts things in a simple and comprehensive way, where you can actually begin to embody these concepts, going from something theoretical to very grounded without losing any meaning, and in fact gains meaning because you see how these energies are permeated within everything.  Learning with Tyler has really made my astrological understanding "click"- and has moved astrology from being contained in my mind to now living in my heart. Essentially, Tyler is offering a pattern of understanding which is all-inclusive and allows you to see the meaning behind everything. He is certainly the real deal and I am super excited about continuing to learn from him!”

- Jacquie Day, Student of SOLA Apprentice Program

"Learning the Living Astrology stories taught me what my roots are and how to stay connected to them, how to slow down and tune into the Earth's rhythm.  I have become a student of my own life and the universe around me in a much deeper way. Through learning the structure of life, I have become aware of how much is truly possible, and the responsibility required to turn knowledge into wisdom. The best part is that I feel capable to extend my growth into those around me, through consultations, sharing the stories, and simply living my journey. For future apprentices, I am so excited for the journey that awaits you.  Each intensive was unpredictable in a way that truly brought the teachings to life."

- Suna, Student of SOLA Apprentice Program

Becoming a student of the SOLA apprenticeship program had been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I felt like I had been stuck in my quest for astrological knowledge; like there was a piece I was missing that would make all the pieces fit together. Tyler's teachings and his stories were the key that unlocked the knowledge I was asking for. He weaves everything together in such a beautiful and simple way, that you realize you do not need to hunt for books to give you answers. Everything you need to know can be observed through nature's cycles. This program taught me the language I needed to be able to apply this pattern to all aspects of my life. It not only gave me a more in depth understanding of the teachings of astrology, it taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. By learning the archetypes during their natural season of the year, I was able to integrate the teachings more fully. It allowed me to see for myself how these energies manifest in the natural world around me and in my own life, giving me the wisdom I had been seeking. This program has given me the ability and the insight I needed to start sharing these teachings with others in the way I had been wanting. It has been a truly life changing journey that I am so grateful for.

- Megan Walsh, Student of SOLA Apprentice Program

Tyler Penor

I live in the beautiful evergreen state of Washington with my partner and herbalist Mamie Wartelle and our dog Sequoia. I am a practicing astrologer whose mission is to restore the art back to its roots as a tool to understand ourselves and to live in balance and harmony with the world we live in. In my work, I seek to share this vision of astrology with others through the art of storytelling and observing the living elements in nature. I work one on one with clients utilizing the birth chart to heal and gain self perspective as well as to create a clear vision to move forward with. "Living Astrology" is the name I gave to my specific style and approach to astrology, as my focus is on the present moment and living in tune with nature and it's cycles. I am not a fortune-teller or magician. I am a humble astrologer who comes from the heart and is sincere in doing my best to help others to believe in themselves and reach their highest potential. I am an artist who loves to create with my hands and infuse meaning and story into my creations. I am a painter, leatherworker, beadworker and all around lover of creativity. I also enjoy playing the Native American flute, harmonica, guitar, mandolin & banjo. My spiritual path is one of healing and utilizing prayer and the wisdom that is given through the elements, plants and animals. I respect, learn and follow the traditions that have been handed down from our elders and ancestors who believed in the sacredness of this life.

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