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    This Program is an in depth year long adventure into the School of Living Astrology. There is no other astrology program like this one out there. Living Astrology is rooted in the teachings of nature and the elements, with it’s focus on learning to perceive the energetic origins of all astrological wisdom.

  • Over 50 hours of in-depth videos and downloadable audio mp3's
  • Downloadable pdf files to compile an in-depth workbook
  • Member's area with online forum, plus Monthly conference calls for Q&A
  • Lifetime access and no deadlines!
  • Bonus program "Seasonal Cosmology" (value of $450) & other Bonuses and discounts!

Learn the Cosmology that Brings Astrology to Life

For most of us, astrology is first discovered in the back of a magazine or newspaper telling us what is to come in the future or describing our personality based on our date of birth.

If our curiosity is sparked, we may look deeper and discover the birth chart realizing there is more much to astrology than we previously thought.

At this point we then begin to pick up books, search the internet, attend workshops and gather all the information we can on the meanings of the signs, planets and houses of the birth chart.

We can get caught in a wave of perspectives, opinions, astrological arguments about what form of astrology is the "most accurate"and that is where many of us remain.

This type of astrology is nothing more than a belief system filled with dogmatic analysis, fortune-telling or purely a scientific type of study focused on "proving" things.

What if I told you that there is a missing cosmological foundation within our modern-day astrology? In most people's astrological journey they unknowingly skip the first step, diving into the mental information and missing the living heartbeat of astrology.

We learn the what of astrology: the signs, planets, houses and aspects. We almost never look into the why, where and how.

Why do the signs represent what they do? Where do these archetypal understandings come from? How do I access and interact with them in my daily life here on Earth?

This program will give you the foundational teachings and philosophy that will transform your astrology from a mental based belief system into a grounded heart-centered perception of life.


Become a Student of Nature & the Elements

Take a guided journey through the lens of Living Astrology. Learn the foundational energetic patterns that are woven throughout all of life and which are the building blocks of all astrological wisdom.

Awaken within yourself a vision that will allow you to learn and perceive all that you have ever wanted to know about this ancient healing art.

This program is a guided initiation that will give you the philosophical foundation to learn and evolve your astrological understanding with nature as your teacher.

Over the course of an entire year this program will move along with the seasons, allowing you to perceive and interact with the living archetypes being taught to you throughout the program.

Experience the Moment when Astrology finally "Clicks" and the Mysterious Veil drops before Your Eyes!

So you're into astrology or very curious about how it all works? If you are here reading this you are probably seeking a new deeper understanding of astrology. Or perhaps you have always been curious about the subject but have never looked into it.

If you are seeking to walk the path of an astrologer or to simply use it in your life for the profound insights and healing it has to offer, this is the program for you.

You've probably searched for a program that can truly bring to life your astrological studies and reveal the true essence of astrology, but you've had no luck. I know the feeling because I was once in the exact same position.

That is why I have put so much time, energy and my 16 years of studies plus 6 years of practice into this one comprehensive online program just for you!

You have probably read your fair share of astrology books and surfed the internet for all of its astrological information, yet still there is that burning feeling that something essential is missing.

You want to come to a deep understanding of astrology that will provide you with true wisdom that will last a lifetime. You are seeking a truth and connection to life in the deepest way possible.

You're ready to awaken the art of astrology within every sense of your being and learn to walk a path of beauty, wisdom and healing, and this program can be the foundational first step on a profound life-long journey.

Learn astrology in a way that you have never heard before where it all makes sense!

When I first began to study astrology my time was spent reading every book I could find and scouring the internet for everything on the topic.

The amount of information out there describing "what" the different parts and symbols of astrology mean can be mind numbing to say the least.

For me it wasn't enough to just know and remember what the meaning of these symbols were. I wanted to know why astrology works and where it all came from.

I began to focus my attention on nature and the elements that give us life. I felt that if astrology is describing a living pattern woven through life, then I should be able to see these patterns everywhere.

Sure enough patterns began to emerge and before long nature became my teacher and the source of all astrological wisdom.

One evening sitting in the woods gazing up at the stars through giant cedar trees, a vision arose within me and a living cosmological story of the signs, planets and houses of astrology was born.

These stories became the foundation for the School of Living Astrology.

The School of Living Astrology Online Program

For the past 2 years I have been teaching this material in my Apprentice Program. Now for the first time I am offering the program online due to so many requests from people who are not able to take the Apprentice Program.

The SOLA Online Program is the most complete and comprehensive online program on astrology. In over 40 hours of video classes, you'll learn the entire foundation of the Living Astrology model.

Whether you are an experienced astrologer or brand new to the study, this program will benefit you on your path. You don't need any prior experience to achieve success in this program. Even if you are a skilled practicing astrologer, you'll come away with a whole new way of perceiving astrology and be able to add it on to your own practice.

This class is much more than simply an astrology course. It has a much larger focus including a grand cosmological vision, the ability to access the archetypes of astrology within nature and the elements, and a solid philosophical foundation to approach anything in life beyond just astrology.

By the end of the program you'll be able to not only comprehend all the parts of astrology, but you will know the living essence from which astrology was born. Your entire understanding of astrology and life itself will be completely transformed!

"Tyler is a heart based astrologer who I feel is honestly about to change a lot of people's perspective on the way astrology is understood today."

Evan Purcell ~ Higher Mind Incense

Here's What You'll Learn

  • The Living Astrology Stories

    These astrological cosmology stories are the foundation of this entire program. These stories and patterns are woven through every class you will receive in this course. You will learn the cosmology of the signs of the zodiac, the planets in our solar system and the houses of astrology. You will learn how to see these stories in yourself and nature. These stories will transform your current understanding of astrology in a way where it will all just make sense.

  • How to Learn Astrology with the Elements as Your Teachers

    Learn how the elements of fire, earth, air and water bring your comprehension of astrology to life. You will be shown how to learn directly from the elements and incorporate their teachings into your work with astrology. Learn to see how the elements are the living expression of the 12 signs and the keys to a practical application of healing yourself and others with astrology.

  • The Language & Symbols of Astrology

    You will learn how to read and comprehend the symbolic language of astrology. You will be taught how the symbols were created and the hidden wisdom that lies within their designs. Learn to see how the symbol describes the energies they represent. Knowing where the designs originated and the thought process in creating the symbols adds a new depth to the wisdom contained in the astrological framework. Astrology is a language, and like any language, you first must learn the words before you can create sentences and tell stories.

  • How to Interpret a Birth Chart and Work with Natural Cycles

    The birth chart is the astrologer’s number one tool for deciphering the messages being offered by nature’s cycles. Learn and understand the process of bringing the birth chart to life. You will be given a solid foundation to allow the chart to speak to you in order to gain clear insights into your life and others. You will learn not only about the birth chart itself but how it was designed and why it was designed the way it is. These teachings will allow you to approach a chart with confidence and clarity.

  • Astrologies Stories & Myths

    Stories and myths are the heartbeat that gives a human pulse to astrology. Learn the stories of the planets and signs to add color to your understanding of the archetypes. See how the ancient stories hold teachings for the astrologer and pass on wisdom that cannot be understood on a logical level. See how the myths and stories add feeling and human emotions to the archetypal landscape.

  • Astronomy & the Mechanics of the Solar System

    You will be guided in understanding the design of our cosmic landscape, the way in which our solar system is structured and the way in which it moves. Through understanding the framework of the stars and planets, the deeper astrological meanings will begin to become much clearer and tangible. Through this observation of the stars and solar system, many insights into the nature of astrology will be revealed.

Click the button below to view the entire framework of classes you will receive throughout this program!

View the Curriculum

The Curriculum

The SOLA Online Program is over 40 hours of video lessons divided into 4 seasonal modules & a fifth module that weaves them all together. Each module dives into the astrological archetypes of its corresponding season.

This is the most complete and comprehensive curriculum you'll find in a single astrology course.

The framework for these modules follows the seasonal cycle through an entire year allowing you to not only learn from the class but directly perceive and interact with the living archetypes you will be learning about. This program is focused on life itself and utilizes the lens of astrology in order to see the underlying energetic architecture within all things. A true living astrological journey awaits you...

Module 1: Spring

The spring module is focused on the signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and their corresponding planets, houses, elements and archetypes. The series of classes are as follows:
  • Video 1: Introduction to Program
  • Video 2: Living Astrology
  • Video 3: Cosmology of the Horoscope (birth chart)
  • Video 4: Living "Aries"
  • Video 5: Astrology, Nature & the Elements
  • Video 6: Living "Taurus"
  • Video 7: Intro to Aspects
  • Video 8: Living "Gemini"
  • Video 9: Wisdom of the Spring

Module 2: Summer

The summer module is focused on the signs of Cancer, Leo, Virgo and their corresponding planets, houses, elements and archetypes. The series of classes are as follows:
  • Video 1: Natural Time
  • Video 2: The Birth Chart as Your Personal Calendar
  • Video 3: Living "Cancer"
  • Video 4: Living "Leo"
  • Video 5: Living "Virgo"
  • Video 6: The Lunar Nodes & Eclipses
  • Video 7: Alchemy, Plants & Healing
  • Video 8: The Myth of Chiron
  • Video 9: Wisdom of the Water

Module 3: Fall

The fall module is focused on the signs of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and their corresponding planets, houses, elements and archetypes. The series of classes are as follows:
  • Video 1: History, Myths & Archetypes
  • Video 2: Living "Libra"
  • Video 3: Astrology and the Balance of Life
  • Video 4: Living "Scorpio"
  • Video 5: Transformation, symbolism & the Mystery
  • Video 6: Living "Sagittarius"
  • Video 7: Astrological Color & Sound
  • Video 8: Philosophy, Belief & Prayer
  • Video 9: Wisdom of the Air

Module 4: Winter

The winter module is focused on the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and their corresponding planets, houses, elements and archetypes. The series of classes are as follows:
  • Video 1: Astrological responsibilities
  • Video 2: Living "Capricorn"
  • Video 3: The Element of Time
  • Video 4: Living "Aquarius"
  • Video 5: Precession of the Equinoxes & The Grand Year
  • Video 6: Astronomy & Solar System Mechanics
  • Video 7: Living "Pisces"
  • Video 8: The Spiritual Journey
  • Video 9: Wisdom of the Earth

Module 5: Spinning the Wheel

For the final module we will complete the seasonal wheel and end where we began in spring. This module is focused on combining everything together and putting it all into motion. The series of classes are as follows:
  • Video 1: Signs through the Houses
  • Video 2: Planets through the Signs
  • Video 3: Planets through the Houses
  • Video 4: Living Patterns of Signs, Planets & Houses
  • Video 5: Astrological Cycles of the Human Growth Process (Birth to Death)
  • Video 6: Process of the Living Astrology "Consultation"
  • Video 7: The Living Astrology Vision
  • Video 8: Living with Astrology
  • Video 9: Student's Biggest Questions & Thank You

Here's What You Get:

  • Over 40 hours of in-depth online video classes.
  • Course materials and notes as downloadable PDF files.
  • Audio mp3 downloads will be available for all the classes so you can learn on the go.
  • All content is accessible with an internet connected computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Each lesson will have a discussion forum to post comments, questions, and to connect with other students taking the program.
  • A monthly conference call open to all students for answering questions, sharing experiences and extra teachings.
  • You get lifetime access to the program! Once you are a member of the program you will always be able to return to use it as a resource.
  • Learn at your own pace. No deadline to complete the program. Take it 2, 3 or 100 times if you like!
  • FREE upgrades! Since you will have lifetime access, anytime I upgrade the program it will be free to you!
  • You will get a $420 BONUS package for FREE that will be added on top of the entire program!

Here is what You'll Gain:

I've spent 16 years studying and living with astrology as my number one tool for guidance and clarity.  My mission is to give you a solid philosophical foundation to enhance your own journey within astrology and beyond. Through this program I will share with you the philosophical vision and tools that you will need to practice astrology from a heart-centered space, which will allow you to utilize its gifts for creativity, wisdom, clarity, health and healing.

  • An unshakable & grounded philosophical foundation of astrology.
  • A deeper sense of wonder and connection with nature & the elements.
  • Astrology as a language to discover infinite amounts of wisdom for the rest of your life.
  • The ability to utilize the birth chart for clear insights and healing for yourself and others.
  • The key to perceiving the unseen energetic architecture of life.
  • A deeper understanding of human nature.
  • The ability to teach and share astrology with others where it will make sense to them.
  • A universal wisdom that weaves together your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life.
  • Friendships with like-hearted people!
  • A community of "Living Astrologers" who will help to establish a new foundation within the very way astrology is perceived and used.
  • And much, much more...

Here's What Past Students Have to Say:

You also get a FREE BONUS of the monthly Seasonal Cosmology Program!

To buy this program alone would cost you $450

Students will also receive 20% OFF an initial birth chart consultation and 10% OFF all other consultations! PLUS 10% off consultations for family and friends during the entire year of the program! (Huge deal!)

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"I was personally fascinated by his ability to synthesize a highly intricate methodology into an easily digestible interpretation that just made sense. And that’s what it all comes down to… He just makes sense and what he shares just fits. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking insight from the stars. Tyler is the truth!”

Justin ~ Grass Valley, Ca

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Tyler Penor

I live in the beautiful evergreen state of Washington with my partner and herbalist Mamie Wartelle and our dog Sequoia. I am a practicing astrologer whose mission is to restore the art back to its roots as a tool to understand ourselves and to live in balance and harmony with the world we live in. In my work, I seek to share this vision of astrology with others through the art of storytelling and observing the living elements in nature. I work one on one with clients utilizing the birth chart to heal and gain self perspective as well as to create a clear vision to move forward with. "Living Astrology" is the name I gave to my specific style and approach to astrology, as my focus is on the present moment and living in tune with nature and it's cycles. I am not a fortune-teller or magician. I am a humble astrologer who comes from the heart and is sincere in doing my best to help others to believe in themselves and reach their highest potential. I am an artist who loves to create with my hands and infuse meaning and story into my creations. I am a painter, leatherworker, beadworker and all around lover of creativity. I also enjoy playing the Native American flute, harmonica, guitar, mandolin & banjo. My spiritual path is one of healing and utilizing prayer and the wisdom that is given through the elements, plants and animals. I respect, learn and follow the traditions that have been handed down from our elders and ancestors who believed in the sacredness of this life.