The Moons Nodes


The Nodes of the moon in astrology are two very important and powerful points in astrology. Not only in the birth chart but also where they are currently in the sky. So what are the moons nodes? They are the two points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the Sun’s apparent path during the year) Therefore when the Moon is on one of the two nodes during a new or full Moon we experience an eclipse. The Sun, Moon & Earth all align on a single plain where either the Earth (Lunar eclipse) or Moon (Solar eclipse) is placed in between the three. The North node (ascending node) is where the Moon ascends north of the ecliptic plane & the South node (descending node) is where the moon descends south of the ecliptic plane.

Without diving into to much detail the North node is a point of newness, learning, development, evolution and integration (energetic point of intake). The South node representing a point of strength, familiarity, overdevelopment, habit, and instinctual patterns (energetic point of release). These points are always directly opposite each other thus connected and showing a need or opportunity for balance. In our individual birth chart they represent our personal line of calibration giving us much insight to our own habits and our souls personal & emotional development needs. In the current sky they point to where our collective points of balance are needed.

Currently the North node sits near the cusp of the signs Libra & Virgo, while the South node sits directly opposite near the cusp of Aries and Pisces. These are the cusps that mark the spring and fall equinoxes. These are powerful shifting points in the Zodiac and seasonal cycle. So what are the nodes whispering to us at this time?

South node on the cusp of the signs of Aries and Pisces. Aries is a fire sign likened to a spark that starts a fire (spring time & the morning sunrise) and the first impulse of awareness itself. Like a child first being born unaware of the realm of duality and innocently ignorant to the world outside of itself. Pisces being like water vapors and the clouds, formless and floating where the wind blows (end of winter, the womb & the moment before sunrise). Similar to the realm of dreams and imagination when our awareness evaporates into a state of boundless visions. Combining these points along with the South node is showing a collective habit of focusing on our childlike dreams and fantasies and finding our awareness being evaporated into a realm of imagination and visions. This is not a bad thing as that source of vision is where all things created have arisen from. The South node representing a point of release, it does not mean we leave it completely behind, we must take the best qualities of that point and apply it to the North node to calibrate the scale and develop the positive qualities of the North node. The goal is to find a balance and encourage the strength of both the Nodal points to bring them together as one harmonic plane of existence (not opposite but complimentary, not two halves but a complete whole) So having awareness of our vision and dreams is one thing, so what are we to do with them?

North node on the cusp of Libra & Virgo. Libra is the sign of the scales an air sign representing the relationships to all things “other” that are needed to reflect our own individual awareness. Representing the breathable air we share that connects us all to each other. Introducing the harvest of the fall when the Earth shares back with us from the seeds we planted in spring (Fall equinox & the sunset). It is the sign of togetherness and sharing what we have to create relationships. Virgo is an earth sign representing nature and the plant kingdom. A sign seeking perfection of process like the plants constantly seeking to perfect our Mother Earth and be of service to all life that lives upon her. Virgo is in  simple terms the sign of work and service. So the North node being a point of learning and development is asking us to find balance in our relationships to others and the natural world. To be of service like the plants and work in harmony with one another to improve life on our Mother Earth. So what is all of this simply saying?

The nodes of the Moon are at a shifting point and the opportunity being given is simple. How can we take our individual awareness of our dreams and visions & put them into action in a way that benefits others and the natural world? Can we dissolve our selfish attitude and bring forth the strength we carry individually to our brothers and sisters on this beautiful Earth to create a bond that serves to benefit all life? We each carry a gift in our heart that is unique to only us, it is something that comes completely natural to us and brings us immense joy and happiness. It is this gift that we were brought here to share in this life. To with hold that gift from life is to kill our human spirit and deny the spark that is essential to all life on this Earth. We are being asked at this time to focus our awareness and to take action from that source of vision, to bring out our gifts and share them with one another, to put our visions to work and build a bridge of harmony between spirit & matter. This is a time to collaborate! “I firmly believe in our ability to work together and am in full support of each one of you sharing your hearts gift! We are much stronger together than we are apart!”

These are the things I am feeling and hearing in my heart at this time, and I am making an effort to share from my heart the gift that I was given. Through this beautiful language of natural time known as astrology, I only seek to share from a place of encouragement that can uplift the spirit and impart just a little bit of clarity. I hope you heard something good through my share and perhaps understand about the spark within your heart that I am speaking of. Please share your gift without fear and from the heart. Thank you for reading and happy Fall!

Blessings Tyler Penor


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