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Are you ready for an eye opening journey into the foundational teachings of Living Astrology? This is your chance to take a deep dive into the very essence of astrology and discover a whole new perspective on this fascinating subject.

By turning the lens of astrology upon nature and the elements, a world of insight and wisdom is revealed. And when we turn that lens back upon ourselves, we realize a simple yet profound truth: that we are but reflections of nature, created and sustained by the elements themselves.

The marriage between Astrology & Nature becomes the vehicle that leads us to this incredible discovery. So why not join me for this "Binge Worthy" adventure? Settle in with your notebook, invite your friends, and prepare to be amazed. These teachings will only be available until Wednesday, March 24th at midnight PST, so don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to deepen your understanding of astrology, nature, and yourself.


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Here's What You Get With This Pass:

  • The Origins of Astrology Mini-course (3 videos / 90 min)
  • Downloadable pdf notes for each lesson
  • Q & A Comment Forum for discussions
  • *BONUS* The Beyond the Horoscope Mini-Series (4 videos / 60 Min)
  • *BONUS* Lesson on the 'Planets' from The Living Cosmology Mini-course!