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Astrology can be an intimidating and confusing subject to learn, especially in the beginning. As we begin our astrological journey, our perception is often one of fortunes, fate, and personality types. Most of us are introduced through the daily horoscopes in the back of the newspapers and the well-known Sun signs.

And yet the journey of astrology goes far beyond this and can reveal to us the core patterns of this entire creation. This ancient art has changed and adapted throughout the ages yet its core remains intact within every culture around the globe.

In this mini-course you will learn the foundational aspects of the Living Astrology model:

• PART 1: The living cosmology story of the Planets. We move from the Sun all the way out to Pluto stopping at each layer and describing its connection to our entire being. This story reveals "why" the planets represent what they do in astrology.

•  PART 2: The living cosmology story of the 12 signs of the zodiac and their direct connections to the seasons, elements, daily cycle, the human body, and our growth cycle. All woven into a simple pattern of understanding. (Giving you the clearest understanding of the signs you have heard yet!)

• PART 3: The foundational understanding of the Houses of astrology and how they relate to the actual directions around us while representing the different areas of our daily human life.

• PART 4: We tie all of it together and discuss how to apply these teachings to the natal chart (birth chart). Follow along with your own chart and learn how to make sense of it all!

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"Tyler is honestly about to change a lot of people's perspective on the way astrology is understood today!" ~ Evan Purcell


We value your privacy and would never spam you

WARNING:  This profoundly simple yet eye opening Mini-Course will transform your current perspective of the astrological journey! Skeptics beware!

"I've been studying astrology on and off since I was 15 years old, soon to be 60, it was Tyler's program that brought it all together for me!

~ Carol Saviano~

By turning your study of Astrology to nature and the elements, you will begin to perceive its energetic origins and essentially start learning "from" Astrology and not just "about" it.

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