Living Cosmology Mini-Course (All-Access Pass)

The Living Cosmology Mini-Course


Astrology can often be an intimidating and daunting subject to learn, especially when first getting into it. The Living Cosmology stories go straight to the heart of Astrology and will give you a solid foundational perspective that is tangible and just makes sense.

In the Living Cosmology Mini-Course, you’ll learn the three main cosmological stories of the Signs, Planets, and Houses of astrology. These stories are a foundational philosophy that will assist you in all of your future studies of Astrology (no matter which system you choose to study).

I have just put together this All-Access Pass so that you can watch all 4 videos without having to switch pages, so you can binge watch the entire mini-course! Sit down with some friends or family, get out your birth charts, and get ready for some epiphanies and eye-opening “Ah hah!” moments!


  • 1

    The Foundational Stories of the “Living Astrology Model”

    The “Living Cosmology” stories are the teachings that I wish that I had found when I first began studying astrology. They give you a solid philosophical foundation that will allow you to perceive the living essence of astrology through the eyes of nature and the elements.

  • 2

    The Cosmology of the “Planets” in our Solar System

    Explore the structure of our solar system and how it connects to our entire human experience. Learn “why” each of the planets represents what they do through seeing how each planet reflects a specific layer of our being.

  • 3

    The Cosmology of the “12 Signs” of the Zodiac

    You will be guided on a journey through the 12 zodiac signs, revealing their connection to the human body, seasons, elements and the natural patterns woven throughout time & space.

  • 4

    The Cosmology of the Astrological “Houses”

    We will build the basic framework of the “houses” and show their connection to the directions and our daily human lives. The houses tend to be the most difficult area of Astrology for people to grasp at first. In this section, it will be laid out in a very simple and tangible way that paints a clear picture of what they represent and why.

  • 5

    How simple Astrology actually is and how “It all just makes sense!”

    The Planets, Signs, & Houses are the main components of Astrology and through this Mini-Course you will have more than enough information to begin understanding how to read a Natal Chart. These three Living Cosmology stories are like seeds that you can plant into your Astrological studies and an entire garden of wisdom will sprout forth from them!

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