The School Of Living Astrology Apprentice Program

The Cosmological Foundation

Missing in Modern Day Astrology

Do you feel lost in your quest to grasp astrology? Do you find yourself pondering about where it all came from? Tired of reading book after book and still feeling like you have no real clue what Uranus is about or how to even begin to comprehend your own birth chart? Or are you reading one book that tells you one thing only to have the next book contradict the previous one? In your search, do you get a taste for something in astrology that rings true but not know the source of it?

What if I told you there is a missing foundation to astrology that no one is teaching? A way to comprehend the fundamental pattern that created astrology and unlock the door to the mystery. What if there was a teaching that would allow you to put down your astrology books and begin to learn infinitely from the world that surrounds you?

There is an entire foundational step missing in our modern-day astrological studies, and that foundation is the energetic cosmology woven throughout nature.

The issue is that modern-day society has gotten lost in looking towards books, the internet, and weekly horoscopes in the local papers rather than looking towards the elements and nature which are the fundamental core of astrology to begin with. Astrology has become diluted down to the separate parts of the whole rather than the greater picture. Until you can grasp and understand the greater cosmological pattern, your astrological studies can make you feel like a mouse lost in a maze.

For the past 16 years I have researched and studied countless forms of astrology, devouring all the teachings and wisdom I could find on the sacred healing arts of western, eastern, mayan, medical, sidereal astrology, alchemy, tarot, the chakras and the medicine ways of traditional indigenous healers. I was seeking something I couldn't quite describe. I felt there was some hidden truth within all of my studies, and I wanted to grasp what it was that tied them all together.

I realized there is a core energetic pattern at work all around us and I wanted to be able to perceive and interact with it in my everyday life. I grew tired of reading the astrology books and getting lost in the mental study, and I wanted to know first hand where these systems of astrology came from.

While sitting in the woods gazing at the stars through giant cedar trees, I began to meditate on the 12 signs of the zodiac and the structure of our solar system. I had the thought "Someone observed and learned these patterns - how did they come across them, what was the source of their wisdom?" That is when the elements of nature awoke in my vision. I could see where the signs came from and why the planets represent what they do. I saw how the signs and planets reflected themselves in our bodies and throughout all of nature. It felt like a veil had been lifted, and I was seeing the essence of astrology for the first time.

In that moment a story was born. A living story. Told by nature through the language of astrology. That moment was the seed of my vision for Living Astrology.

Over all those years of searching and studying the different modalities of astrology, I finally stumbled on the key component I had been searching for. It was a story that wove itself like a golden thread through every form of astrology, and it was there right in front of me in the seasonal cycle, the elements and nature itself.

This thread of a cosmological foundation revealed and captured within a story completely transformed my entire approach to astrology. I began to share these stories with friends, and the response was the same phrase every time, "Wow I have never heard it put that way before, now it all makes sense!"

After sharing these stories with people they began to ask me to read their birth charts. That was 7 years ago, and since then I have worked with hundreds of clients seeing the essence of those stories permeating through real people's lives.

I have developed an approach to astrology where nature becomes your teacher. Once you grasp the energetic pattern as a whole, life begins to speak to you and nature comes to life in a completely new way.

If you are like me, this feeling and way of perceiving astrology is what you have been looking for. You are a seeker of wisdom and want a way to connect and understand nature and the people in your life. You want to be able to heal and uplift others. You seek to deepen your own personal understanding of life on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Your entire approach to astrology and the way you perceive the world you live in is about to completely transform.

The School of Living Astrology Apprentice Program

The School of Living Astrology is rooted in developing a way to directly perceive the energetic landscape that all astrological wisdom is derived from. To not only comprehend the patterns in the mind but to feel and live with them in our hearts. The Living Astrology model gives you the foundation to heal and learn from the world around you.

The philosophy of Living Astrology gives you a foundation that can be woven into all of your learning and practices. Its universal cosmology can be applied to any form of astrology. It can transform your work with plants if you are an herbalist, revolutionize your work as a psychologist or counselor, inspire a whole new vision as an artist or musician, or become an invaluable tool in your personal healing or healing practices. There is no limit to the use of Living Astrology as it is not a specific field of study but a way of perceiving the unity and harmony in life.

This program is not about memorizing a bunch of astrological information. It's about learning to perceive and interact with the source of that information. This program simply gives you the keys to unlock the door of your own ability to learn all that you want to know about astrology from nature and life itself.

All of your past astrological studies will be woven together and taken to a new level of understanding. Everything will finally click together. You will not only know what each sign, planet and house represents but why they represent that, where it all originated and how to work with them in your everyday life.

This program brings astrology to life and gives you a cosmological pattern that will reveal connections in all of your studies, allowing you to gain a much deeper insight into the underlying pattern at the heart of all the different healing arts and traditions from around the world and throughout time.

This is not just your basic astrology program. It is an initiation onto a path of healing and learning the language of the heart from the heart of nature. You will be joining a movement that is going to transform the modern perception of astrology and birth a new vision for its path forward.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • The Living Astrology Stories

    These astrological cosmology stories are the foundation of this entire program. These stories and patterns are woven through every class you will receive in this course. You will learn the cosmology of the signs of the zodiac, the planets in our solar system and the houses of astrology. You will learn how to see these stories in yourself and nature. These stories will transform your current understanding of astrology in a way where it will all just make sense.

  • How to Learn Astrology with the Elements as Your Teachers

    Learn how the elements of fire, earth, air and water bring your comprehension of astrology to life. You will be shown how to learn directly from the elements and incorporate their teachings into your work with astrology. Learn to see how the elements are the living expression of the 12 signs and the keys to a practical application of healing yourself and others with astrology.

  • The Language & Symbols of Astrology

    You will learn how to read and comprehend the symbolic language of astrology. You will be taught how the symbols were created and the hidden wisdom that lies within their designs. Learn to see how the symbol describes the energies they represent. Knowing where the designs originated and the thought process in creating the symbols adds a new depth to the wisdom contained in the astrological framework. Astrology is a language, and like any language, you first must learn the words before you can create sentences and tell stories.

  • How to Interpret a Birth Chart and Work with Natural Cycles

    The birth chart is the astrologer’s number one tool for deciphering the messages being offered by nature’s cycles. Learn and understand the process of bringing the birth chart to life. You will be given a solid foundation to allow the chart to speak to you, to gain clear insights into your life and others. You will learn not only about the birth chart itself, but how it was designed and why it was designed the way it is. These teachings will allow you to approach a chart with confidence and clarity.

  • Astrologies Stories & Myths

    Stories and myths are the heartbeat that gives a human pulse to astrology. Learn the stories of the planets and signs to add color to your understanding of the archetypes. See how the ancient stories hold teachings for the astrologer and pass on wisdom that can not be understood on a logical level. See how the myths and stories add feeling and human emotions to the archetypal landscape.

  • Astronomy & the Mechanics of the Solar System

    You will be guided in understanding the design of our cosmic landscape, the way in which our solar system is structured and the way in which it moves. Through understanding the framework of the stars and planets, the deeper astrological meanings will begin to become much clearer and tangible. Through this observation of the stars and solar system, many insights into the nature of astrology will be revealed.

The Curriculum

The SOLA Apprentice Program is over 150 hours of in-person classes divided into 5 three-day weekends throughout an entire year, each class taking place near each turn of the season.

This is the most in-depth and comprehensive curriculum you will find in a single astrology course.

Weekend 1: Spring Quarter

April 28th - 30th, 2017 (Kingston, Wa)

We begin the journey in the spring time, with the signs of Aries, Taurus and Gemini. This weekend is all about becoming aware of the basics. You will learn the initial perspectives, values and thought processes of Living Astrology. This weekend will focus on the basics you must be aware of before we dive deeper into our journey. You will learn the symbols of astrology, what they hold and the basic language itself. We will lay out the structure of our solar system and the way in which it moves. This is the most mental and information based weekend.(View Location)

Weekend 3: Fall Quarter

October 13th - 15th, 2017 (Kingston, Wa)

We now begin our dive into the fall season and the signs of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. You will take a look at your own reflection to gain a deeper insight into yourself and see how we each are the same being with our own unique expression. This weekend is focused on the balancing principles held in astrology, the presentation of the mystery and the mythic and philosophical foundation to the art of Living Astrology. You gain a much bigger perspective during this weekend, and the information will be applied to a more experiential approach. You will also learn the basics of chart interpretation and learn the myths of astrology. This weekend is the most in-depth and philosophical, with a focus on the big picture.(View Location)

Weekend 2: Summer Quarter

June 2nd - 4th, 2017 (Tulalip Bay, Wa)

In our second weekend we find ourselves at our summer retreat. The signs guiding this weekend are Cancer, Leo and Virgo. We begin to get more personal and start applying the teachings to ourselves and nature. We will take a look at the creative and artistic side of astrology and the application of the birth chart as a tool for personal healing. We will dive deeper into the mechanics of our solar system as well as the elements. We will spend time by the waters, learn from the fire, and take a walk into the forest to be with the plants. This is the most playful and heart driven weekend.

Weekend 4: Winter Quarter

January 12th - 14th, 2018 (TBA, Wa)

This weekend we find ourselves at our winter retreat. Here, you will complete your journey around the wheel with the final three signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The focus will be on the practical applications of astrology, working with long-term goals for your practice and the importance of creating an astrological vision. You will learn about the seriousness and responsibility it takes to be an astrological practitioner. You will be shown the connections that color and sound have with the patterns revealed in astrology. We connect back with where we began, and you will notice the way in which your understanding has grown along with the pattern of the signs. This weekend is based on the practical and more serious side of your journey with Living Astrology.

Weekend 5: Weaving it all together

March 30th - April 1st, 2018 (Kingston, Wa)

The 5th and final weekend is when we weave it all together. This weekend is where we establish the center of the wheel, which is you and your individual journey forward with this new-found vision on life and astrology. You will learn about the 13th archetype and the quintessence of astrology. This is the weekend where the entire vision is instilled and awoken inside of yourself. There will be much discussion with each student on what their vision is for moving forward on the Living Astrology path. The introduction to the second year program will also be discussed. This weekend is about putting it all together and will include a final gratitude ceremony and celebration meal. (View Location)

Suna ~ Vancouver, Canada Suna ~ Vancouver, Canada, (apprentice)

"Learning the Living Astrology stories taught me what my roots are and how to stay connected to them, how to slow down and tune into the Earth's rhythm.  I have become a student of my own life and the universe around me in a much deeper way. Through learning the structure of life, I have become aware of how much is truly possible, and the responsibility required to turn knowledge into wisdom. The best part is that I feel capable to extend my growth into those around me, through consultations, sharing the stories, and simply living my journey. For future apprentices, I am so excited for the journey that awaits you.  Each intensive was unpredictable in a way that truly brought the teachings to life."

Jacquie ~ Vancouver, Canada Jacquie ~ Vancouver, Canada, (apprentice)

"The best thing about Tyler's way of teaching is that he gives you the opportunity to teach yourself, as well as notice the planetary archetypes in everyday life. For me, he gave me a perfect and tangible language to describe energies that I already understood. Tyler puts things in a simple and comprehensive way, where you can actually begin to embody these concepts, going from something theoretical to very grounded without losing any meaning, and in fact gains meaning because you see how these energies are permeated within everything.  Learning with Tyler has really made my astrological understanding "click"- and has moved astrology from being contained in my mind to now living in my heart. Essentially, Tyler is offering a pattern of understanding which is all-inclusive and allows you to see the meaning behind everything. He is certainly the real deal and I am super excited about continuing to learn from him!”

This program was created for both beginner and experienced astrologers alike. Whether you plan on becoming a practicing astrologer or plan to use what you learn in other ways, this program will help you immensely on your path.

Even if you have no clue what a birth chart or astrology even means, this program will give you the most comprehensive introduction and lay down a solid foundation that you could build upon for a lifetime.

If you are an experienced or even an expert astrologer, this program is guaranteed to offer you a new cosmological perspective and insights that will only further advance your work with our wonderful healing art form we know as astrology.

What you get in the program:

  • Over 150 hours of live classes

    You will receive in-person teachings with only 7 students including yourself. Each student is assured to understand the teachings before moving forward. There will be plenty of opportunities to answer all questions and develop great friendships amongst the entire group as we will be spending 5 weekends together and sharing a living space. I want this to truly feel like an apprenticeship!

  • Monthly conference calls

    We will have monthly conference calls to answer any and all questions in between classes. This also allows you to stay connected to the group and to share and hear each other’s thoughts, insights and progress along the way. I will also include teachings on the current astrological weather and the unique insights I am receiving personally at the time.

  • Food & Accommodations

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided as well as a place to sleep. We will have a cook on sight so we will not need to stop class to prepare food. You will be provided with healthy meals, and we will do our best to accommodate any food and dietary restrictions. You are also more than welcome to contribute snacks or food for meals if you feel called to. Please bring your own sleeping gear: padding, blankets, sleeping bag & pillows (tents are optional for spring, summer & fall).

  • Access to the SOLA online program (BONUS!)

    You will get full access to the SOLA online program! I will be offering this online version of the apprentice program with audio and video being uploaded throughout the year. You will receive these classes along with the online program students, so in a way you are getting two courses in one! This allows you to review and relearn at anytime during the year (just in case you fell asleep or slept in during our live program). This program alone would cost you $1,350!

  • Course outline & lessons

    You will receive a course outline for the entire program, and you will be given handouts for lessons during classes. You will also receive access to downloadable PDFs of notes, charts, diagrams and other additional study resources throughout the year to print out and compile your own workbook from the program.


  • Lifetime Access

    Once enrolled in the program you will have lifetime access to all the material. You will always be able to go back and relearn at anytime you like. This program is so in-depth that as you grow and gain experience you will notice new perspectives and insights time and time again. This will remain a valuable reference for you on your journey for years to come.

  • Upgrades are free!

    As I refine and improve my teachings over the years, any and all upgrades & updates created for this program in the future are 100% free to you!

  • Friendships

    You will be going on a journey with 6 other students, growing with and learning from one another. This is an incredible opportunity to meet like-minded people and make lifetime friendships!

There is no other program out there like this one.

(This is the program I wish was available when I first began my astrological journey)

This is a true apprenticeship! No other apprentice program offers this amount of live in-person training. It's the most complete & comprehensive astrology program that exists today.

In creating this program for you: I have put my 16 years of searching, studies, experiences and practice together into one complete program that can take anyone's knowledge of astrology to a completely new level of comprehension. I want to save you the time, money & confusion that it can take to grasp and comprehend the art of astrology so you can begin to utilize its profound gift and message to help heal yourself and others.

Other astrology apprentice programs out there can cost you as much as $8,000! 

None of them even come close to the amount of live in-person training as this one!

The 2017 SOLA Apprentice Program's base price is $2,904

As a BONUS all 7 students will receive full access to a bundle of other programs:

The SOLA online program, Seasonal Cosmology, plus ALL other audio & video classes created throughout the year!

To buy each of these on their own would cost you over $2,000


Only 7 students will be allowed to take this year's program! Our first class begins April 28th, 2017 so sign up before it's full!

Students will also receive 50% OFF an initial birth chart consultation and 20% OFF all other consultations! PLUS 10% off consultations for friends and family during the entire year of the program! (Huge deal!)


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"Tyler Penor is a painter of visions and the planets and constellations are his colors. So many books and different teachers present astrological knowledge in a way where you feel the need to memorize or study vigorously to grasp and hold on to the seemingly complex astrological system. My appreciation lies in the grounded and practical story-telling ways that Tyler so naturally interprets. The ancient way of storytelling is a way to plant wisdom that is difficult to forget. The more a story is heard or is meditated on, the more new knowledge and wisdom is slowly revealed to us. Tyler is a heart based astrologer who I feel is honestly about to change a lot of people's perspective on the way astrology is understood today. Moving out of the current mind based, matter-of-fact, research and memorization patterns and into the living, feeling, energies and heart perspectives that Tyler sheds light on with his language of the stars, in a visionary and artistic way, is an example of how we can reconnect to our deeper selves, to nature, and to our higher purpose."

Evan Purcell ~ Higher Mind Incense

Tyler Penor

I live in the beautiful evergreen state of Washington with my partner and herbalist Mamie Wartelle and our dog Sequoia. I am a practicing astrologer whose mission is to restore the art back to its roots as a tool to understand ourselves and to live in balance and harmony with the world we live in. In my work, I seek to share this vision of astrology with others through the art of storytelling and observing the living elements in nature. I work one on one with clients utilizing the birth chart to heal and gain self perspective as well as to create a clear vision to move forward with. "Living Astrology" is the name I gave to my specific style and approach to astrology, as my focus is on the present moment and living in tune with nature and it's cycles. I am not a fortune-teller or magician. I am a humble astrologer who comes from the heart and is sincere in doing my best to help others to believe in themselves and reach their highest potential. I am an artist who loves to create with my hands and infuse meaning and story into my creations. I also enjoy playing the Native American flute, harmonica, guitar and every now and then a mandolin or banjo. My spiritual path is one of healing and utilizing prayer and the wisdom that is given through the elements, plants and animals. I respect, learn and follow the traditions that have been handed down from our elders and ancestors who believed in the sacredness of this life.

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“Tyler Penor is a painter of visions and the planets and constellations are his colors. So many books and different teachers present astrological knowledge in a way where you feel the need to memorize or study vigorously to grasp and hold on to the seemingly complex astrological system. My appreciation lies in the grounded and practical story-telling ways that Tyler so naturally interprets. The ancient way of storytelling is a way to plant wisdom that is difficult to forget. The more a story is heard or is meditated on, the more new knowledge and wisdom is slowly revealed to us. Tyler is a heart based astrologer who I feel is honestly about to change a lot of peoples perspective on the way astrology is understood today. Moving out of the current mind based, matter-of-fact, research and memorization patterns and into the living, feeling, energies and heart perspectives that Tyler sheds light on with his language of the stars, in a visionary and artistic way, is an example of how we can reconnect to our deeper selves, to nature, and to our higher purpose.”

- Evan Purcell, Founder of Higher Mind Insence

"I have the blessing to have Tyler as my personal astrologer supporting me walk my life journey. His innate gift of intuition coupled with a deep understanding of the cosmos enables Tyler Penor to take astrology to the next level. He has helped me understand my true nature, express my gifts, correct my limitations and most of all allow personal healing. In the past, I have struggled with astrologers’ abstract language. Tyler is gifted with the ability to translate abstract concepts into a practical language that i am able to hear and understand. I appreciate how he has empowered my own healing by teaching me how to read my self, the sky and the mutual interaction that exists between the earth and the heavens. Tyler is a true gift to my life!!!!”

- Marta Mazzanti

“Tyler is a brilliant astrologer who will make you think about your life in a different way, with insights into how planetary forces and alignments can influence behavioral patterns and how to put that knowledge into practice in your everyday life. He is a gifted communicator who can make complex concepts easy to understand.”

- Hernan S.

“Tyler’s grasp of the cosmic dance is so deeply felt and seen that his readings feel like a cross between child’s play and direct channeling. Tyler expanded my own view of astrology, illuminating how the cyclical patterns of all of creation also influence our individual blueprint. Most importantly, his insights provided me with clear and practical guidelines for realizing the greatest potential for my expansion in this lifetime. I revisit the recording of our session regularly, one of a few truly invaluable touchstones in my life that light my personal journey here. Thank you brother for all the beautiful work you do here in this world, and for sharing your light with such humility, grace and mirth!”

- Mahalie S.