• Take the Confusion Out of Your Astrological Journey


    As a student it’s easy to get lost in the mental study without any practical applications…

    So much of the astrology out there is missing the main point.

    It’s lacking a tangible foundation.

    A foundation built from a direct connection with the natural world that astrology is talking about in the first place.

    With nature and the elements as your teachers, you will come to know and feel the teachings of astrology by heart.

    So that you can bypass the confusion and overwhelm of studying astrology, and instead create a foundation that allows you to comprehend the deeper mysteries of this ancient system.

The Missing Foundation in Modern Astrology

Most of us first discover astrology through our Sun sign or the daily horoscopes.

If your curiosity is sparked, you may look deeper and discover the birth chart.

At this point, you begin to pick up books, search the internet, attend workshops, and gather all the information you can.

It's easy to get caught in a wave of perspectives, opinions, and astrological arguments about what form of astrology is the "most accurate" — and that is where many of us remain.

This type of astrology is nothing more than a belief system filled with dogmatic analysis, and fortune-telling.

What if I told you there's a missing cosmological foundation within our modern-day astrology?

A missing link to the energetic origins of astrology, embedded within the movements and cycles of nature.

It's so easy to skip the first step, diving into the mental information and missing the living heartbeat of astrology.

Learning the “what” of astrology, but never looking into the why, where, and how.

Why do the signs represent what they do? Where do these archetypes come from? And how do I access and interact with them?

I Was Just Like You...

My journey began when I was fifteen, and I found a book called "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need".

I discovered my birth chart and realized that the title of that book was a lie.

I started devouring everything I could find about astrology. From books to classes, to astrological get-togethers.

And the deeper I went, the more this feeling began to grow that something was missing.

I struggled with the over-generalized explanations and the dogmatic views held by much of the astrological community - the focus on forecasting and reducing living humans to symbols on a chart.

I grew tired of hearing people discuss which house system was best, why Western astrology is better or worse than Vedic astrology and on and on.

I started to get the feeling that we were all just playing the "telephone game" we used to play as kids... it seemed like we were all just parroting what we had heard from someone else.

I reached a point where I had memorized "What" everything in astrology meant. But I wanted to know the "Why, Where, and How".

I wanted to see it and come to know it for myself...

I wanted to be a carrier of sacred & timeless wisdom.

To stand between earth and sky, in tune with the living archetypes of astrology...

to stand for harmony, healing, and the wisdom of nature.

That's When I Looked Up and Found the Answer

After deciding there was more to astrology than I was learning from books, I put them all down and went outside.

I started to focus my attention on nature and the elements that give us life.

I felt that if astrology is describing a living pattern of life, then I should be able to see these patterns everywhere.

Then one night, everything came to life. I was sitting in a cedar grove gazing up at the stars, and a vision arose within me. And these living cosmological stories of the signs, planets, and houses of astrology were born.

These stories wove together every aspect of astrology in a way that I had never heard before. Nature revealed everything and allowed me to 'make sense' of astrology and work with it through my own senses.

It was that 'aha!' moment when everything just clicked. From that point on, nature became my teacher and the source of all the astrological wisdom that I use today.

And the seeds planted that night under the stars would grow to become what is now The School of Living Astrology.


And That's Why I Created This Journey...

The SOLA Online Program

This one-of-a-kind program is world’s apart from your average astrology course. Through this journey you’ll learn the core energetic patterns of creation so that you can develop an experiential understanding of the natural origins of astrology.

In SOLA Online, you will build a complete vision of astrology through direct interaction with nature, the seasons, and the elements over the course of a year. This way the signs, planets, and houses of astrology come to life as you get to know each one in real time.

You’ll gain a solid foundation to grow in any direction in your own astrology practice, whether you’re advanced or just starting out. With the wisdom and knowledge gained through your connection to the natural world, your ability to recognize astrological patterns will soon become second nature.

"Tyler is a heart based astrologer who I feel is honestly about to change a lot of people's perspective on the way astrology is understood today."

Evan Sylliaasen ~Founder of The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine


Become a Student of Nature

This program isn't about acing tests or homework. Instead, you'll be given assignments that take you directly into the heart of nature to help you further integrate the teachings.

And because this program moves with the seasons, you'll be able to learn the cosmological cycle of astrology through the earth's rhythms - bridging the gap between above and below.

You'll form a relationship with the different astrological energies throughout the cycle of a single day, a month, and then a year.

By the time you complete the program, you'll have had an entire year to perceive and interact with the living archetypes of astrology, solidifying the teachings not only in your mind but in your heart.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • The Living Astrology Stories

    • Learn the Living stories of the signs, planets, and houses of astrology so that you know them by heart
    • How to perceive these stories in yourself and nature so that your interpretations are filled with substance and wisdom.
    • Learn how to share these stories so that you can help others make sense of astrology.
  • The Elements are your True Astrology Teachers

    • How the elements of fire, earth, air and water bring your comprehension of astrology to life.
    • How to learn directly from the elements so that you incorporate their teachings into your astrological practice.
    • Experience the living expression of the 12 signs so that you have the keys to a practical application of healing with astrology.
  • The Language & Symbols of Astrology

    • How to read and comprehend the symbolic language of astrology.
    • Understand how the symbols were created so that you receive the hidden wisdom that lies within them.
    • Learn the original thought process in creating the symbols to gain a clear perspective of the astrological framework.
    • Astrology is a language, and you have to learn letters & words before you can create sentences & stories.
  • How to Work with the Birth Chart

    • Learn the process of bringing the birth chart to life so that you do not get lost in your interpretations.
    • Learn to hear how the chart speaks to you in order to gain clear insights for yourself and others.
    • See how the birth-chart is a map of nature and contains everything within it.
    • How to approach any chart with clarity and  confidence.
  • The Stories & Myths of Astrology

    • How stories and myths are the heartbeat that gives a human pulse to astrology.
    • Learn the stories of the planets and signs to add color & texture to your understanding of the archetypes.
    • See how the ancient stories hold timeless teachings and pass on wisdom that cannot be understood by logic alone.
    • See how myth & story add feelings and human emotions to the archetypes so that they penetrate beyond your mind and enter your vision.
  • Astronomy & the Mechanics of the Solar System

    • You’ll be guided in understanding the design of our cosmic landscape so that you can see your reflection within it.
    • Know the structure and rhythms of the solar system so that you can build your life to be in tune with it.
    • Understand the framework of the stars and planets, so that the deeper meanings of astrology become clear and tangible.

The Curriculum

The SOLA Online program includes 45 video lessons divided into four seasonal modules, with a fifth module that weaves them all together. Each module dives into the astrological archetypes of its corresponding season.

This is the most complete and comprehensive curriculum you'll find that is dedicated to learning "from" astrology... not just “about” it.

The framework for these modules follows the seasonal cycle through an entire year, allowing you not only to learn from the class but also to directly perceive and interact with the living archetypes you will be learning about. This program is focused on life itself and utilizes the lens of astrology in order to see the underlying energetic architecture of creation.

A true living astrological journey...

Module 1: Spring


Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Living Astrology

Video 3: Cosmology of the birth chart

Video 4: Living Aries

Video 5: Astrology, Nature & the Elements

Video 6: Living Taurus

Video 7: Astrological Aspects

Video 8: Living Gemini

Video 9: Wisdom of the Spring

Module 2: Summer


Video 10: Natural Time

Video 11: Living Cancer

Video 12: Birth Chart as Your Personal Calendar

Video 13: Living Leo

Video 14: The Lunar Nodes & Eclipses

Video 15: Living Virgo

Video 16: The Myth of Chiron

Video 17: Alchemy, Plants, & Healing

Video 18: Wisdom of the Summer

Module 3: Fall


Video 19: Living Libra

Video 20: The Balance of Life

Video 21: Living Scorpio

Video 22: Transformation, Symbolism & the Great Mystery

Video 23: Myth & Story

Video 24: Living Sagittarius

Video 25: Astrological Color & Sound

Video 26: Philosophy, Belief, & Prayer

Video 27: Wisdom of the Fall

Module 4: Winter


Video 28: Living Capricorn

Video 29: Responsible Astrology

Video 30: The Element of Time

Video 31: Living Aquarius

Video 32: Precession & the Grand Year

Video 33: Astronomy & Solar System Mechanics

Video 34: Living Pisces

Video 35: The Spiritual Journey

Video 36: Wisdom of the Winter

Module 5: Spinning the Wheel


Video 37: Planets, Signs, & Houses

Video 38: Transits

Video 39: Retrogrades

Video 40: Synastry & Relationships

Video 41: Cosmology of Human Development

Video 42: The Living Astrology Consultation

Video 43: Case Studies

Video 44: Progressions

Video 45: Continuing the Journey…

"I've been studying astrology since I was 15 years old, soon now to be 60, it was Tyler's program that brought it all together for me! My Living Astrology notebook is essentially my astro-bible, it's what I go to when I'm preparing for a consultation. I am forever grateful to Tyler and his invaluable program."

~Carol Saviano - Student of SOLA

Here's What You Get:

  • Over 50 hours of in-depth online video classes.
  • Course materials - downloadable PDF files.
  • Audio mp3 downloads so you can learn on the go!
  • Quarterly conference calls for sharing and Q&A.
  • Lifetime access! Once finished you will always be able to return and use it as a resource.
  • A discussion forum in each lesson to post comments, questions, and insights.
  • Accessible with internet connected computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Learn at your own pace. No deadline to complete. Take it 1, 2, 3 or 100 times if you like!
  • FREE upgrades! All upgrades to the program are free to you!
  • A BONUS package worth $1550 added on top of the program!

Here's What You'll Gain:

  • A grounded philosophical foundation of astrology.
  • A deeper sense of wonder and connection with nature.
  • Astrology as a language of natural wisdom.
  • The ability to use astrology for clear insights and healing.
  • The keys to perceiving the unseen energetic architecture of creation.
  • A deeper understanding of human nature.
  • The ability to teach and help others make sense of astrology.
  • A universal wisdom that spans across space and time.
  • Friendships with like-hearted people!
  • A community of "Living Astrologers" building a new foundation for the way astrology is perceived and used.
  • And much, much more...

"Tyler blends so many different aspects of life into each lesson. Weaving in story telling, mythology, archetypes, alchemy, the elements, nature's seasonal rhythms, our daily cycles, and so much more. Each weekly lesson contains a treasure trove of knowledge far beyond the birth chart and the wisdom continues to be absorbed long after the videos have been viewed."

~Leslie Brown

I've spent 20+ years living with astrology as my number one tool for guidance and clarity. My mission is to provide you with a solid philosophical foundation to support you on your own astrological journey and beyond.

In this program, I am sharing with you the vision and tools that you will need to practice astrology from a heart-centered space with clarity and confidence.

~This journey is about perspective first and information second~


The SOLA program used to be an in-person apprenticeship that cost $2000 and required you to live nearby. You had to pay for food, lodging, and travel.

In my own studies, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on books, courses, readings, and above all... Time.

So you might expect something like the SOLA Online course (a 15 month journey with over 50+ hours of video lessons) to cost $5,000, $10,000, or even more. In fact, most of my students have told me it’s worth that much or more.

But you can get started today in the SOLA Online program for just $147.

2023 Enrollment is Now Open!

4 Quarterly Payments of
    One Payment of

      The "Spark-Sign" Money-Back Guarantee

      30 Day Money Back Guarantee

      Enroll today and try SOLA Online for 30 days. You’ll go through all of the Aries training. If it doesn't "Spark" your astrological fire and you decide that the program is not right for you, just let us know within the 30-day window and you’ll get a full refund.


      In addition to the SOLA Online program, you'll receive these 4 bonus programs, which are worth $1550, more than the price of the program alone! (You get 5 different programs for the price of SOLA!)

      SEASONAL COSMOLOGY ($800 value)

      You get a HUGE bonus here with this 13-video program that spans over the course of the entire seasonal year. Seasonal Cosmology focuses on the foundations of each sign of the Zodiac and its relation to the seasons. We also dive into the correlating element, planets, and houses of each sign. What makes this and the SOLA Online program unique is that they move along with the seasons so that you get to witness the current energetic qualities being expressed through nature at the same time that you are learning about them in the programs. These two programs complement each other to round out your journey.

      LIVING COSMOLOGY ($350 value)

      This Mini-Course includes the "seed stories" of the entire School of Living Astrology model and philosophy. It includes 4 videos that explain the Living Cosmology of the Planets, Signs, and Houses of astrology. They also teach you how to tie it all together with nature as your guide to effectively analyze a birth chart. This gives you a complete and comprehensive foundation to build all of your astrological studies off of. You will always return to these basics in all of your future work and these simple yet profound stories are the main teachings to give to first time explorers of astrology.

      ORIGINS OF ASTROLOGY ($200 value)

      The Origins of Astrology Mini-course introduces you to the natural living origins of astrology. Helping you to see how nature can become your greatest astrology teacher. In lesson 1 we share the 3 Keys of Living Astrology. In lesson 2 we introduce you to the 7 Teachers of the zodiac. And in the 3rd and final lesson we take a journey through the 12 signs of the zodiac to see what each teacher has to teach us about the signs.

      BEYOND THE HOROSCOPE ($200 value)

      The Beyond The Horoscope Mini-Series takes a look at the bigger picture of the Astrological Journey. From our first look into this ancient system with the common daily horoscopes and Sun signs to the deeper understanding of the network of patterns that this creation is made of.

      *Plus 10% Off All Consultations for life (for You, Family, & Friends!)*


      Lisa Jeannin

      "Living Astrology is very true to the name. You get to understand astrology on a deeper level - what it really is - and reinstall the natural system of astrology within you to experience, live, and feel astrology from the core of your soul. Tyler Penor is a wise storyteller and a remarkable teacher - one of a kind - showing you the sacred patterns of the great mystery in seemingly simplicity as the web of life. This is the only school worth going to!"

      Lisa Jeannin
      Megan Walsh

      "Enrolling in the SOLA program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! Tyler's teachings and his stories were the key that unlocked the knowledge I was asking for. He weaves everything together in such a beautiful and simple way, that you realize you do not need to hunt for books to give you answers. Everything you need to know can be observed through nature's cycles."

      Megan Walsh
      Jacqueline Bird Day

      "Learning with Tyler has really made my astrological understanding "click"- and has moved astrology from being contained in my mind to now living in my heart. Essentially, Tyler is offering a pattern of understanding which is all-inclusive and allows you to see the meaning behind everything. He is certainly the real deal and I am super excited about continuing to learn from him!”

      Jacqueline Bird Day

      I can't recommend the Sola program enough! My interest was peaked through the opening videos discussing living astrology and I went on to become part of the program, one of the best decisions I have ever made. There is SO MUCH content! And each video brings this connection to astrology that I haven't ever before experienced. There is a living breathing world inside of every chart and Tyler makes everything come alive. Tyler is an engaged and down to earth teacher who will bring understanding to the art of astrology and help you to see everything in a whole new and accessible way. I will forever be grateful for my time here and learning all that I have been honored to. Join! You will be so glad you did.


      "SOLA Online is the astrology course I wish I discovered from the very beginning! But alas, life is a journey and when it's our time, we will arrive! I thank my lucky stars that I was able to join this cycle 'round. The birth chart went from a 2 dimensional map to one that is multi-dimensional and infinite in nature!"


      Begin Your Journey and Enroll Today!

      4 Quarterly Payments of
        One Payment of

          The "Spark-Sign" Money-Back Guarantee

          30 Day Money Back Guarantee

          Enroll today and try SOLA Online for 30 days. You’ll go through all of the Aries training. If it doesn't "Spark" your astrological fire and you decide that the program is not right for you, just let us know within the 30-day window and you’ll get a full refund.

          Frequently Asked Questions:

          When does the program begin?

          • March 15th the first introduction lesson will be available. Then a new lesson will be available each week (Tuesdays are release days).

          How many videos are included?

          • SOLA Online consists of 45 videos and with the *Bonus 13 videos of the Seasonal Cosmology program you get a total of 58 lessons!

          How long will it take me to complete the course?

          • SOLA online is a total of 15 months’ worth of lessons with roughly 1 video per week. But the program is a journey, and you get lifetime access. And when updates are made, you get those too, so technically it never completes. Think of it as a resource and not a one-and-done course.

          Will I be a certified astrologer after completing this program?

          • If you apply and experience these teachings, nature will certify you! But no, there is no certificate offered from the School of Living Astrology at this time. However, there is a certification program in the works, and completing the SOLA Online program will be one of the requirements.

          Will I be able to open my own astrology practice after completing this course?

          • It all depends on you... Simply memorizing what you learn in SOLA Online is not enough—and not the point. However, if you fully engage yourself in the journey, you will have established a solid foundation to begin creating a potent and helpful practice.

          What makes this course different from other astrology programs?

          • SOLA Online is not just a mental learning course based on charts and memorization. It’s a guided adventure and journey to the heart of all astrological wisdom, with the goal to awaken a vision of astrology within the heart and mind of each student. This journey is an initiation where you must earn your wisdom and receive it from nature, the elements, and your own experience.

          What if I don’t like it? Do you offer refunds?

          • Yes, there is a “Spark-Sign” 30-day money-back guarantee. Try out the first few lessons and if it’s not right for you, we give a full refund.

          Do you offer payment plans?

          • Yes. There are pay-in-full and 4-payment options, as well as a monthly payment option of 12 payments.

          What kind of support is included with the course?

          • One-on-one through seasonal conference calls, a Facebook community page and student group, and a comment section below each lesson.

          I’m totally new to astrology. Is this course for me?

          • Absolutely! This is in my opinion the best program to begin your astrological journey with. It’s the program I wish I had when I first started!

          I’ve been studying astrology for years. Will I learn something new through this program?

          • Yes! This way of learning is just not available anywhere else. This program is a deeply personal journey in learning and integrating the entire framework of astrology within yourself and nature, bringing it to life and into your heart. We have had multiple students who already had been practicing astrology take SOLA Online and, to quote them, "SOLA is my astrological bible that I turn to before each client session" and "I learned more in 1 hour than I have learned in my 30 years of astrological studies. These teachings filled every gap within my understanding of astrology and brought it all together!"

          Tyler Penor

          Founder of The Chironium & The School of Living Astrology

          I reside in the picturesque evergreen state of Washington with my herbalist wife Mamie Wartelle, and our two children, Aurora and Asa. I am an astrologer by profession and endeavor to revive the art to its roots as a means of comprehending ourselves and fostering balance and harmony with our surroundings. Through storytelling and observing nature's living elements, I seek to impart this vision of astrology to others. Working one-on-one with clients, I utilize the birth chart to facilitate healing, self-awareness, and provide a clear vision to move forward.

          I have named my unique style and approach to astrology "Living Astrology" as my emphasis is on living in tune with the present moment and nature's cycles. I am neither a fortune-teller nor magician; rather, I am a compassionate astrologer who is genuine in my desire to help others believe in themselves and achieve their maximum potential. As an artist at heart, I enjoy creating with my hands, imbuing my works with meaning and narrative. I am a film photographer, painter, leatherworker, beadworker, and overall enthusiast of creativity. Additionally, I delight in playing the Native American flute, harmonica, guitar, mandolin, and banjo.

          My spiritual journey is one of healing, incorporating prayer and the wisdom imparted by the elements, plants, and animals. I respect, learn, and follow the traditions handed down from our elders and ancestors, who held life as sacred.

          “Tyler Penor is a painter of visions and the planets and constellations are his colors. So many books and different teachers present astrological knowledge in a way where you feel the need to memorize or study vigorously to grasp and hold on to the seemingly complex astrological system. My appreciation lies in the grounded and practical story-telling ways that Tyler so naturally interprets. The ancient way of storytelling is a way to plant wisdom that is difficult to forget. The more a story is heard or is meditated on, the more new knowledge and wisdom is slowly revealed to us. Tyler is a heart-based astrologer who I feel is honestly about to change a lot of people’s perspective on the way astrology is understood today. Moving out of the current mind-based, matter-of-fact, research and memorization patterns and into the living, feeling, energies and heart perspectives that Tyler sheds light on with his language of the stars, in a visionary and artistic way, is an example of how we can reconnect to our deeper selves, to nature, and to our higher purpose.

          - Evan Sylliaasen, Founder of The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine

          "Tyler blends so many different aspects of life into each video by weaving in story telling, mythology, archetypes, alchemy, the elements, nature's seasonal rhythms, our daily cycles, and so much more. Each weekly lesson contains a treasure trove of knowledge far beyond the birth chart and the wisdom continues to be absorbed long after the videos have been viewed. I feel immense gratitude for the Living Astrology teachings and look forward to sharing this wisdom with others now."

          - Leslie Brown

          "This course offers a solid and practical foundation to astrology. Not only does he provide the "nuts and bolts" of cosmic wonder but incorporates a tangible way to access these patterns as a way of understanding and incorporating these spirits into our daily life. He leads us on a path of integration. A daily ritual of living astrology.

          This is a journey guided by a truly beautiful human. He is humble, welcoming, open and gifted in his ability to share the teachings of our planets. His passion for integrating the terrestrial with the celestial is felt in all of his stories and offerings. He makes the learning fun and comfortable. I feel truly blessed to have found The SOLA Online Program. Life changing. Mind expanding. Soul remembering. A sacred journey worth taking."

          - Jac Wilson

          "This course has influenced my life to create change, to better understand myself and my children through the birth chart. This program is a wonderful tool for parenting! There is so much information to soak in. I am forever changed by this experience. You will find a sense of peace and understanding. The way he teaches is soft and natural. Thank you so much Tyler for being so kind and loving and generous. You have earned your crown jewels in this lifetime!"

          - Traci

          If you have any questions about the program please don't hesitate to ask:

          [email protected]