Cycles of the Day Series

Part 1 of 4

Strip away the symbols, personality traits, and interpretations, and look deep into the origins of astrology. What are all the signs and houses derived from?

A cycle creates a pattern and that pattern is a story.

Life moves in an ever-ascending cyclical spiral, each year we have a spring but each spring is unique and different from the last. Each day the Sun rises but each day is different.

The wheel of the zodiac, the wheel of houses, the cycle of planetary aspects, all of them share one thing in common… Their cyclical pattern.

There are different layers of time, different wheels. The Sidereal zodiac of the constellations in relation to the vernal equinox precesses in a cycle of nearly 26,000 years know as the grand year, the tropical zodiac used in western astrology is derived from the cycle of the year and the houses of astrology are from the Earths daily rotation on its axis.

Each one a different wheel of time. But each shares the cyclical pattern of creation. Spring is like sunrise, noon is summer, sunset is fall, and midnight is winter.

So I have an idea for a new observation series. We will take the signs of the zodiac and apply them to the cycle of the day.

Aries & The Sunrise

Aries begins the zodiac, it’s the spark of the fire that ignites the flame. Just as it sparks the beginning of spring and we get back to work, planting our seeds for the year.

So the time of day associated with Aries is the moment of sunrise when the Sun peaks over the horizon and sparks the light of the day.

Spring and sunrise both bring that new white light, it’s light that is ascending.

Aries rules the top of our head, brain, and eyes, and what is the first thing we do when waking in the morning? We open our eyes and awareness pours in as the synapses in our brains begin to spark.

If we go to greet the sunrise, facing the east the light will touch the top of our heads and move down to the eyes, then the rest of our body.

So Aries begins the cycle of life, and we see its qualities in the sunrise and first hour of the day

Taurus & The Morning

So we discussed Aries and the sunrise hour. The spark of Aries beginning at first light much like the beginning of spring.

Before we dive into Taurus this series is about how the pattern found in the Zodiac is simply the core pattern of creation.

Anything and everything moves in this cyclical way. The year, the day, the seasons, and expressions of the signs. Looking to nature reveals why these astrological qualities mean what they do.

*The movement of the seasons * teaches us about this cyclical pattern but are not where the signs in our charts are derived from. The signs of the tropical zodiac emanate from the earth and its relation to the Sun. But we can see and learn about the “qualities” of the signs through the pattern of the seasons & the day. This is why no matter which hemisphere you were born the signs of the chart work the same. (This topic will be its own post soon)

Taurus is earth as the mineral kingdom, the rocks, and soil. During the middle of spring the plants are taking in that spark energy of Aries and photosynthesis is taking place as the plants absorb that energy, sinking their roots deeper into the earth and taking in the minerals and nutrients from the soil.

The act of absorption is key for understanding Taurus. In our physical bodies Taurus rules where we take in this physical world. The ears, nose, mouth, and throat. This is where our senses operate, sound, smell, taste, and where we take in food and water. So the senses are where we absorb this physical world.

Taurus is connected to the morning hours after the sunrise. We woke up at Aries and now with Taurus we are waking up our senses. Making our tea or coffee, eating breakfast, and perhaps sitting outside taking in the morning light, listening to the birds, and enjoying the fresh scent of morning. Just being and allowing our Aries awareness to be absorbed through our Taurus senses as we get into our physical bodies.

So to recap (*notice the similarities), Taurus is the middle of spring, the morning hours, and the ears, nose, mouth, throat, and the senses that come with them.

Gemini & The Late Morning

Now that our Aries awareness has been absorbed into our physical body, we then look out into the Air of Gemini and the world of duality reveals itself.

We see there is me and this thing, me and that thing and we begin to label things, words form and build the structure of our mind, this is why with the mind everything is two, it is duality and reflected in the glyph for Gemini.

Physically Gemini is the arms and hands, the communicators of the body, and the lungs, when air from the lungs move through the Taurus vocal cords it gives us a voice to share our thoughts and communicate.

This is also why our breathing reflects the state of our mind, calm the breathe calm the mind.

Gemini’s elemental expression is air as the wind, and like our minds can be calm, or chaotic like a tornado of thoughts, or a hurricane of confusion.

Seasonally Gemini is the end of spring, as is a time when a real “buzz” is in the air. With Taurus releasing its beautiful scented flowers, it attracts the pollinators and we see the birds and bees buzzing through the air.

“Gemini is the pollinator of thought”

So in the daily cycle, Gemini is the late morning, and now that we have fully woken up we begin planning out our day, taking care of the logistical tasks of the day, also a great time to learn and study something as our minds are fresh

In nature, we also heard the birds singing their morning songs in Taurus and now at the Gemini hours, it changes into a buzzing chatter.

I hope you are starting to see these connections between the qualities of the signs, seasons, elements, and the day. And revealing the core patterns and cycles of creation. These are what give astrology its substance and tangible meaning.

Astrology is but a symbolic system and map that reflects the life we witness in front of us. They are one and the same. Study one and you are studying the other…

In the next part of this series, we will look into the signs of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Thanks for reading and being a part of the Chironium community, see you in part 2!