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A path of Healing and Harmony

At the core of astrology lies a profound truth, a hidden pattern that connects all of creation. It is the very rhythm of existence, pulsating within every aspect of life. To truly comprehend this pattern is to unveil a secret world of beauty, harmony, and healing that has always been present, yet often overlooked.

This is the ancient path of the astrologer, who seeks to transform chaos into cosmos, to live a life of connection and harmony rather than one of randomness and disarray. For the 'Living Astrologer', nature is the source of all healing and wisdom, and it is through the observation of its cycles that astrology was born.

Over the ages, the teachings and wisdom of astrology have been passed down, providing us with a framework to better understand ourselves and the world around us. And now, more than ever, we need these teachings to help heal our relationship with ourselves and the planet.

Many of us are searching for a path to live a more meaningful life, to make a positive impact on the world. The path of astrology offers us a way to do just that, to offer our unique gifts and strengths to the world.

As someone who is walking this path myself, I invite YOU to join me. Living astrology is not just a study of the stars, it is a way of life, a connection to nature, and a path to the heart. By embracing this path, we can uncover the beauty and harmony of creation, and use it to heal ourselves and the world around us.

Living Astrology with Tyler Penor

Creating a new cosmological vision for the ancient art of astrology


~ Tyler Penor ~

I live in the beautiful evergreen state of Washington with my partner and herbalist Mamie Wartelle and our dog Sequoia. I am a practicing astrologer whose mission is to restore the art back to its roots as a tool to understand ourselves and to live in balance and harmony with nature and the world we live in.

My personal astrological journey began in the year 2000 at age 15 and I began sharing my services as an astrologer in 2010. In my work, I seek to share this vision of astrology with others through the art of storytelling and observing the living elements in nature. I work one on one with clients utilizing the birth chart to heal and gain self perspective as well as to create a clear vision to move forward with.

"Living Astrology" is the name I gave to my specific style and approach to astrology, as my focus is on the present moment and living in tune with nature and it's cycles. I am not a fortune-teller or magician. I am a humble astrologer who comes from the heart and is sincere in doing my best to help others to believe in themselves and reach their highest potential.

I am an artist who loves to create with my hands and infuse meaning and story into my creations. I am a photographer, painter, leatherworker, beadworker and all around lover of creativity. I also enjoy playing the Native American flute, harmonica, guitar, mandolin & banjo.

My spiritual path is one of healing and utilizing prayer and the wisdom that is given through the elements, plants and animals. I respect, learn and follow the traditions that have been handed down from our elders and ancestors who believed in the sacredness of this life.



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A New Vision for an Ancient Art

As one of the most ancient schools of thought, astrology's roots are intertwined with humanity's first observations of the natural world. But as we've progressed, so too has our use of astrology's teachings. We've lost touch with the cycles of nature, living in virtual worlds that move at the speed of light, disconnected from the rhythms of life.

Astrology has suffered from this disconnect as well. Mentioning the word to most brings to mind generic personality descriptions or fortune-telling. But astrology's true essence is so much more than that. My grand vision is to restore the art of astrology to its practical and comprehensible roots, helping people rediscover their mystical connection to life.

Living Astrology is about embracing a grand cosmological story rooted in the patterns of nature and elements. By comprehending this story, we can unlock a world of beauty and healing within ourselves. Astrology reflects the essence of creation throughout all of nature, and awakening to this essence is to awaken to true magic.

But this isn't just about personal healing. It's about sharing that healing with others and creating a movement within the astrological community. It's our responsibility as astrologers to pass on this powerful healing art to future generations. Together, we can reignite our connection to nature and transform the way we perceive astrology.

“Tyler Penor is a painter of visions and the planets and constellations are his colors. So many books and different teachers present astrological knowledge in a way where you feel the need to memorize or study vigorously to grasp and hold on to the seemingly complex astrological system. My appreciation lies in the grounded and practical story-telling ways that Tyler so naturally interprets. The ancient way of storytelling is a way to plant wisdom that is difficult to forget. The more a story is heard or is meditated on, the more new knowledge and wisdom is slowly revealed to us. Tyler is a heart based astrologer who I feel is honestly about to change a lot of people's perspective on the way astrology is understood today. Moving out of the current mind based, matter-of-fact, research and memorization patterns and into the living, feeling, energies and heart perspectives that Tyler sheds light on with his language of the stars, in a visionary and artistic way, is an example of how we can reconnect to our deeper selves, to nature, and to our higher purpose.”

Evan Sylliaasen - past client and founder of Higher Mind Incense


Are you ready for an adventure into the School of Living Astrology? Look no further than this 15-month program. It's like no other astrology program out there. With Living Astrology, you'll uncover the teachings of nature and the elements, as well as a uniquely simple yet profound philosophy centered on wisdom, clarity, health, and healing. Get ready to embark on a journey unlike any other!


"Becoming a student of the SOLA apprenticeship program had been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I felt like I had been stuck in my quest for astrological knowledge; like there was a piece I was missing that would make all the pieces fit together. Tyler's teachings and his stories were the key that unlocked the knowledge I was asking for. He weaves everything together in such a beautiful and simple way, that you realize you do not need to hunt for books to give you answers. Everything you need to know can be observed through nature's cycles. This program taught me the language I needed to be able to apply this pattern to all aspects of my life. It not only gave me a more in depth understanding of the teachings of astrology, it taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. By learning the archetypes during their natural season of the year, I was able to integrate the teachings more fully. It allowed me to see for myself how these energies manifest in the natural world around me and in my own life, giving me the wisdom I had been seeking. This program has given me the ability and the insight I needed to start sharing these teachings with others in the way I had been wanting. It has been a truly life changing journey that I am so grateful for."

Megan Walsh - Former student of The School of Living Astrology

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