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In my work I am blessed in getting to know so many people from all walks of life. It is truly a unique way to get to know someone as well as gain a deeper understanding of our human nature. I listen to people's life stories and help them to gain perspective into their lives. Today I am still in awe at the profound benefits that astrology has to offer. On my path I have gained much insight into just how much we are all the same yet completely unique individuals, each with our own gifts. My work is to shed light and encourage that unique gift to shine in all of my clients and students.

I take this work very seriously and my prayer and intention is to offer a form of astrology that is grounded and comprehensible to anyone. I want all of my clients and students to be more than satisfied with their experiences either in a consultation, class or training program. Coming from a humble heart based approach to astrology, with my message being one of a deeper connection with nature and the elements that give us life. I have been blessed with having the opportunity to work with so many wonderful and amazing people, who have all expressed their praise about how the "Living Astrology" path has helped them in their lives.

SOLA Student's Testimonials

"The best thing about Tyler's way of teaching is that he gives you the opportunity to teach yourself, as well as notice the planetary archetypes in everyday life. For me, he gave me a perfect and tangible language to describe energies that I already understood. Tyler puts things in a simple and comprehensive way, where you can actually begin to embody these concepts, going from something theoretical to very grounded without losing any meaning, and in fact gains meaning because you see how these energies are permeated within everything.  Learning with Tyler has really made my astrological understanding "click"- and has moved astrology from being contained in my mind to now living in my heart. Essentially, Tyler is offering a pattern of understanding which is all-inclusive and allows you to see the meaning behind everything. He is certainly the real deal and I am super excited about continuing to learn from him!”

- Jacquie ~ Victoria, Canada, 1st Year Apprentice Program

"Learning the Living Astrology stories taught me what my roots are and how to stay connected to them, how to slow down and tune into the Earth's rhythm.  I have become a student of my own life and the universe around me in a much deeper way. Through learning the structure of life, I have become aware of how much is truly possible, and the responsibility required to turn knowledge into wisdom. The best part is that I feel capable to extend my growth into those around me, through consultations, sharing the stories, and simply living my journey. For future apprentices, I am so excited for the journey that awaits you.  Each intensive was unpredictable in a way that truly brought the teachings to life."

- Suna ~ Vancouver, Canada, 1st Year Apprentice Program

Becoming a student of the SOLA apprenticeship program had been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I felt like I had been stuck in my quest for astrological knowledge; like there was a piece I was missing that would make all the pieces fit together. Tyler's teachings and his stories were the key that unlocked the knowledge I was asking for. He weaves everything together in such a beautiful and simple way, that you realize you do not need to hunt for books to give you answers. Everything you need to know can be observed through nature's cycles. This program taught me the language I needed to be able to apply this pattern to all aspects of my life. It not only gave me a more in depth understanding of the teachings of astrology, it taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. By learning the archetypes during their natural season of the year, I was able to integrate the teachings more fully. It allowed me to see for myself how these energies manifest in the natural world around me and in my own life, giving me the wisdom I had been seeking. This program has given me the ability and the insight I needed to start sharing these teachings with others in the way I had been wanting. It has been a truly life changing journey that I am so grateful for.

- Megan ~ Chicago, Illinois, 2nd Year Apprentice Program





Client Testimonials

“I have the blessing to have Tyler as my personal astrologer supporting me walk my life journey. His innate gift of intuition coupled with a deep understanding of the cosmos enables Tyler Penor to take astrology to the next level. He has helped me understand my true nature, express my gifts, correct my limitations and most of all allow personal healing. In the past, I have struggled with astrologers’ abstract language. Tyler is gifted with the ability to translate abstract concepts into a practical language that i am able to hear and understand. I appreciate how he has empowered my own healing by teaching me how to read my self, the sky and the mutual interaction that exists between the earth and the heavens. Tyler is a true gift to my life!!!!”

- Marta ~ Seattle, Wa, Client

“Tyler’s grasp of the cosmic dance is so deeply felt and seen that his readings feel like a cross between child’s play and direct channeling. Tyler expanded my own view of astrology, illuminating how the cyclical patterns of all of creation also influence our individual blueprint. Most importantly, his insights provided me with clear and practical guidelines for realizing the greatest potential for my expansion in this lifetime. I revisit the recording of our session regularly, one of a few truly invaluable touchstones in my life that light my personal journey here. Thank you brother for all the beautiful work you do here in this world, and for sharing your light with such humility, grace and mirth!”

- Mahalie ~ Seattle, Wa, Client

“Tyler Penor is a painter of visions and the planets and constellations are his colors. So many books and different teachers present astrological knowledge in a way where you feel the need to memorize or study vigorously to grasp and hold on to the seemingly complex astrological system. My appreciation lies in the grounded and practical story-telling ways that Tyler so naturally interprets. The ancient way of storytelling is a way to plant wisdom that is difficult to forget. The more a story is heard or is meditated on, the more new knowledge and wisdom is slowly revealed to us. Tyler is a heart based astrologer who I feel is honestly about to change a lot of people's perspective on the way astrology is understood today. Moving out of the current mind based, matter-of-fact, research and memorization patterns and into the living, feeling, energies and heart perspectives that Tyler sheds light on with his language of the stars, in a visionary and artistic way, is an example of how we can reconnect to our deeper selves, to nature, and to our higher purpose.”

- Evan ~ Williams, Or, Client

“Tyler has a good way of connecting the dots and helping you see and understand the archetypes and similarities between celestial movements and everyday life. I’m surprised how much of our talks still resonate and how I am able to use astrology as a tool in my further understanding of patterns and life essence in general. The skies are constantly changing, as is our unique human experience”

- Antonio ~ Wimer, Or, Client

“Tyler is a brilliant astrologer who will make you think about your life in a different way, with insights into how planetary forces and alignments can influence behavioral patterns and how to put that knowledge into practice in your everyday life. He is a gifted communicator who can make complex concepts easy to understand.”

- Hernan ~ Seattle, Wa, Client

“This is a testimonial for my good friend Tyler Penor: the first thing that popped into my head was David Bowie’s Star man… “There’s a star man waiting in the sky he’d love to meet us but he thinks he’ll blow our minds ”Tyler is in my humble opinion a star man! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tyler a handful of times and indeed he most definitely blew my mind. This winter I drove up and hung with him a few days and got a taste of what has turned into this tour and it is AWESOME! Tyler has an innate ability to make connections, to paint a picture of what’s happening on the grand cosmic scale and then explain it in a way that makes sense to you in your own personal life!”

- Dylan ~ Portland, Or, Client

“I had the opportunity to be at Tyler’s first workshop… and i am sold for life!… can’t wait for more.. looking forward to learn and be led by the way he has been gifted to understand the way our entire existence is connected and how thru this understanding we can direct our being~ness, our paths work with the assistance of the higher energies… knowing the flow we are in and how we are participating. His way of explaining the whole picture makes it accessible to relate to it from the most immediate body’s experience all the way to the cosmic experience connecting the dots in a beautiful clear natural way… Thank You!! Tyler Penor”

- Diana ~ Los Angeles, Ca, Client

“So… Tyler is the type of guy you want reading your astrology. His honest, uncompromised, and contemporary interpretations of this ancient of ancient systems provides people with a view that fits into today. Tyler’s humor and realness give genuine human substance to this intimate exchange, and in return allow an inquiry that is as dynamic. I was personally fascinated by his ability to synthesize a highly intricate methodology into an easily digestible interpretation that just made sense. And that’s what it all comes down to… He just makes sense and what he shares just fits. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking insight from the stars. Tyler is the truth.”

- Justin ~ Grass Valley, Ca, Client
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