My Favorite Astrology Book…

11 years ago staring at my wall of astrology books wondering what the next step of my journey was. The sun was shining through my window and I looked out to see the light pouring through a grove of cedar trees where I was living at the time.

At that moment I decided that instead of seeking the next astrology book to read I would instead head out into nature to try and see it all for myself. To apply the patterns of astrology to the rhythms of nature and the elements.

That decision was the beginning of my personal astrological transformation and would eventually lead me to now making a living sharing the teachings and wisdom that I discovered along that journey.

5 years after opening the School of Living Astrology I have had the privilege to witness the same transformation take place with hundreds of students from around the world.

Nature truly is a wise teacher…

The Living Astrology path leads us to the moment when you realize that everything that built every system of astrology is written right in front of you.

The symbols, glyphs, interpretations, patterns, the birth chart itself are all derived from the life we witness every day. The planets, sun, moon, stars, elements, and E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g…. It’s all right here and we can reach out and touch it, smell it, taste, see it, breathe it, think about it, study it, we live in it!

The magic and miracle of what astrology shows us is as real as the fire that keeps us warm, cooks our food, the water that quenches our thirst, the earth that feeds and shelters us, the air we breathe and sing with.

So go out, pause for a moment, look up from your astrology books & chart calculations. Look and really see…

The spirit of the planets are alive and present in every moment.

The Sun is in your heartbeat, mercury is the voice of your thoughts, Venus flows through your senses, the Moon holds and reflects your memories, Earth is your body, Mars triggers your actions, the asteroid belt puts lessons and obstacles before you, Jupiter tells your stories and inspires you to grow, Saturn gives you fears to learn and grow strong, Chiron places secret keys in your traumas and hardships that unlock the doors of your healing and gifts, Uranus wakes and shakes you up when you are stuck, Neptune shows visions and wraps you in dreams as you sleep, and Pluto whispers you have a purpose and your life is precious, you are mortal.. you will one day die, and so… You are alive!

What I am saying is, use your map (birth-chart) but don’t stare at the map while you hike through the woods… Fold it up, put it away… And go explore, get lost a little bit, learn to find your way, find your direction by the sun, moon, and stars. Start a fire to see Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, touch the soil and stones to be with Taurus, ask the plants about Virgo, watch the animals to learn of Capricorn. Each sign is in front of you, and each sign is within you.

These stories and teachings were all read within my favorite astrology book…The Book of Nature. Check it out now on your local nature trail!