What is The School of Living Astrology?

The School of Living Astrology

Living Astrology is focused just as much on living as it is on astrology. The focus is not so much on the mental and intellectual approach that can often be seen with astrology, but on the intelligence of the heart. The wisdom and teachings of astrology are ancient and universal, as every culture from around the world has some form of understanding the natural cycles of the seasons and stars. In many of the ancient cultures, we can find this wisdom held within their myths and creation stories. In the living astrology model we too will focus on integrating a story within the teachings, and by the end of a program, you will have a complete cosmological framework that will reside within your heart and guide you in sharing these teachings and stories with others. I would like to share with you some insights around the core philosophies that make up The School of Living Astrology.

“Life is a story… our language is the vehicle for our stories and astrology is a healing language that speaks of the harmony between time, space, and conciousness. Learning the story of astrology helps us to heal ourselves…sharing that story with others helps them to heal.”

The Vision & Mission

The School of Living Astrology was created to provide teachings focused on:

      • The attunement of nature and feeling at one with the elements
      • Integrating the perception of life’s energetic architecture
      • The application of astrology as a powerful tool for healing and as an ally for gaining wisdom
      • Learning astrology by heart
      • Bringing astrology back down to Earth in a way that is comprehensible, practical and truly magical.
      • Creating a shift within the astrological community and offering astrology in a way that is understandable & accessible to everyone.
    • Helping shift the generalized perception of astrology as a form of “fortune telling” back to its place as a sacred science that facilitates living a balanced and harmonious life

Nature & the Elements

There is a core energetic architecture woven throughout every aspect of life that can be directly perceived within nature and the dance between the elements that create it. By turning to nature we can learn to understand why the symbols in astrology represent what they do and where this wisdom originated. Filling up the astrological symbols with a tangible experience brings the teachings to life and down to Earth. The Living Astrology model will always be focused on relating everything to our own experience and directly interacting with the living nature of each archetype.

Building a Vision

With each module of these programs, we are building step-by-step a vision of astrology that will result in giving you the key to unlocking the true essence that resides within the heart of astrology. You will see as these programs progress that your understanding is growing right in tune with nature and the seasons. Behind each step of the program is a larger pattern that may not seem visible until the program finishes – try to see beyond just the mental information and feel what is growing in your heart. In a way, we are performing alchemy on ourselves throughout this program to transform our understanding of astrology from a mental study into a way of life.

The Sacredness of Life

Life is precious, and astrology helps one to recognize the sacredness of life. By learning to perceive within ourselves the living spirit of nature and the elements we begin to recognize our true place as a human being on this Earth. In these programs, you will learn to have a deeper connection with the fire, earth, air & water. The directions and seasons will begin to feel like living beings that hold specific teachings for you to learn each day. You will learn the places in nature to seek out in order to find your personal strength, inspiration, clarity, and healing. As you develop these relationships your respect and reverence for life will grow, and your heart will become a vessel for nature’s wisdom.

The Healing Path

The astrologer walks the path of the healer and is a carrier of sacred wisdom. When you begin your journey on the path of astrology you start out by learning how to heal yourself. You encounter many different aspects of yourself, and with each new revelation comes a new teaching. To walk the path of astrology takes courage to be willing to see your own truth and to cultivate new perceptions. Each challenge in life is an opportunity to heal and as you grow on your healing path you gain more and more wisdom. With the wisdom you gain, it is then your responsibility to use that wisdom to help others on their path. The astrologer and healer do not claim to “know” the answers… they only “share” what they themselves have experienced.

“Tyler is honestly about to change a lot of people’s perspective on the way astrology is understood today.”
Evan Purcell ~ Williams, Oregon ~ Founder of Higher Mind Incense
“I’ve been studying astrology on and off since I’m 15 years old, soon to be 60, it was Tyler’s program that brought it all together for me! My Living Astrology notebook is essentially my astro-bible, it’s what I go to when I’m preparing for a consultation. I am forever grateful to Tyler and his invaluable program”
Carol Saviano ~ Student of the SOLA Online Program

Article By Tyler Penor

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