Mapping Our Connection to the Web of Life

Guiding the Mind Back to the Heart

The birth chart is the number one tool of the astrologer. A map laying out the entire framework of life and the human experience that takes place within it. Comprised of a symbolic language, rich with in-depth meaning, endless teachings and patterns that reveal the interconnectedness of all things. The horoscope is a highly advanced tool with infinite uses and applications. Just as a hammer can help to build a house, it also has the ability to destroy one as well.

The role of the astrologer is not to be taken lightly. A person comes to an astrologer seeking to gain guidance and insights into their life. I take my work and the lives of my clients very seriously and approach each consultation with the utmost respect. I am no fortune-teller or psychic, and I do not tell you your future. My goal is not to dazzle you with predictions or reveal your hidden secrets. My only focus is in offering my clients with clear insights and a deeper sense of connection with themselves and the life they are living.

The birth chart shows the framework of your energetic bodies or the "tool set" you were born with. Yet what you create with them is your free choice, similar to how you have been born inside of your physical body, with its own unique gifts and challenges. Some of us have strong bodies, good coordination, are tall, short, have one arm or two. You were born with what you were given, yet you may do with it what you will. Someone with an athletic build may sit around all day and play video games and another with a frail body may work hard to become a famous athlete. The point is our birth chart is a map and guide to learning more about our energetic blueprint, and the more we get to know it and its nuances the better we can conduct our lives. This is the benefit of consulting ones birth chart.

Ultimately the most profound aspect of a consultation is in its simplicity. Time and time again the response I receive from clients is that after a consultation they feel a sense of validation in what they already knew in their hearts to be true. It's as if a weight has been lifted from their minds and hearts and a renewed sense of clarity takes its place. This I feel is the underlying current of what astrology has the ability to do: to guide our minds (which can be full of doubts and fears) back into alignment with our hearts. Back into a state of trust and belief in oneself, with new perspectives and clear insights to move forward in a good way.

Below is a tabbed section of the consultations that I offer. Click each tab to learn about them and schedule your consultation.

Single Session Birth Chart Consultation

Your birth chart is a window into your energetic make-up. It can reveal an in-depth perspective on oneself and the insights available are infinite. A consultation is not only insightful but many find it to be a deeply healing conversation. My approach is grounded and down to earth and will be explained in a way that anyone can understand. You will leave the session with a clear understanding of your birth chart and be given tools to implement the teachings and insights that are gained during the session. A single session birth chart consultation with me consists of 5 phases.

Phase 1 (Teachings): In the first phase, I will give you some basic teachings on the birth chart itself to get you grounded into the basic framework of a birth chart. Then I will take you on a journey through the signs of the zodiac as well as the planets in our solar system. This will give you an understanding of how astrology works and a new perspective on the interconnectedness of life. These teachings are the basic principles of “Living Astrology” and will allow you to take in and retain more of the insights gained during the rest of the consultation

Phase 2 (Life Story): For the second phase, I will give you a chance to express the general story of your life. Starting with your family and childhood and working through your upbringing, all the way to the present moment. Describing your main struggles as well as successes and the main highlights and turning points within your life. I will ask you to share what is going on currently in your life and what insights you might be looking for at this time. Then you will finish by painting the picture of your highest vision for yourself moving forward. What you would like to see in the future for yourself. The entire time you are sharing I will be listening and observing your birth chart to see how you have used the different aspects of your chart throughout your life, gaining insights and noticing patterns. This phase is very important and allows the chart to be brought to life through your story. Instead of reducing you to a set of symbols, we will be lifting up the chart to your life. This is the difference between a “reading” and a “consultation”.

Phase 3 (The birth chart): For the third phase, we now will dive into the chart. We will go through all the planets in the birth chart and I will be showing you all the connections I noticed while you were expressing yourself. We will gain all the insights and perspectives that we can and come to a grounded understanding of the chart as a whole. Only when we come to a feeling of completion will we move on to the final phase.

Phase 4 (Transits): For the fourth phase, we will look into the main transits for the next year or so. Transits are when we look at where the planets are currently and how they are moving around your birth chart. Transits reveal the energetic weather and cycles that we are moving through or will be moving through. We will only focus on the slower moving planets, which help us to see the bigger picture. We will not focus on the faster planets as they show the more day-to-day rhythms. This phase gives you a clear understanding on where you are at and how to move forward.

Phase 5 (Synthesis):  For the final phase, you will be given insights and teachings as well as the tools and elements to work with as you move forward. I will then weave it all together, bringing it all to a main point of focus and give what I like to call an “Astrological Prescription”: a synthesis of the entire consultation and something to work with and meditate on. I will finish with giving you a chance to share your thoughts or ask any remaining questions you may have.

Cost: $295

  • Consultation length: From 2 to 4 hours
  • To schedule a consultation send: Birth date, exact time of birth and birth location as well as a short bio of yourself and what you would like to focus on during the consultation. Send to: [email protected]
  • Recording: If you would like your session to be recorded you may do so yourself, or I can record it for you and send it to your email for an added $5 to the cost of the consultation.
  • Method: Consultations can be done in person or via phone, skype or facetime.

Follow-up consultations (For returning clients)

Getting one consultation can be very helpful and insightful. There is so much that can be gained and revealed through looking into your birth chart and one session can only skim the surface of the depth that is available. Life is always changing and so are we. Each time you approach your birth chart you are different, you have grown and developed new goals, challenges and questions that you may be seeking guidance on. Many of my clients return do go deeper into the wisdom that is available. The more I get to know a person and their chart, the insights begin to get much clearer and more specific. A follow-up consultation moves in 4 phases.

Phase 1 (Review): In the first phase of a follow-up session we will review what has happened in your life since we last sat down together. We will reflect on the insights you received previously and how you integrated them into your life. We will then look into the current moment and what you would like to focus on during this session.

Phase 2 (Birth Chart): After we have found our focus for the session, we will then dive into the birth chart to see what we can find. Again moving through the chart as we did previously, this time finding new insights and a clearer more in-depth understanding of the chart as a whole. Once that feels complete we will once again look into the current transits.

Phase 3 (Transits): In the first consultation we looked at the slower moving planets to get the big picture of the more long-term cycles that are occurring in your chart. We will do this once again and if you would like at this point we can start to look at the faster moving planets to focus our lens more on the day-to-day transits and cycles. If you are choosing to work with me on a regular basis, then we will start to focus on the interactions of the faster transiting planets with the slower outer planets to fine tune the map moving forward.

Phase 4 (Synthesis): To finish I will again weave all of the insights and new perspectives into a clear focus. We will find a clear vision for moving forward with the current and up coming transits. You will be given a new updated “Astrological Prescription” to focus and meditate on.

Cost: $245

  • Consultation Length: Around 2 hours
  • To schedule a follow-up consultation: Send Birth date, exact time of birth and birth location as well as what you would like to focus on during the consultation. Send to: [email protected]
  • Recording: If you would like your session to be recorded you may do so yourself, or I can record it for you and send it to your email for an additional $5 to the cost of the consultation.
  • Method: Consultations can be done in person or via phone, skype or facetime.

Relationship Consultation (Synastry & Composite)

  • It is recommended that both individuals have already done a single session consultation with me first. It helps tremendously to understand each individual person and their charts before looking into them together.

Each one of us are unique individuals born with a unique birth chart. Looking into ones birth chart can reveal many insights on how to work with and nurture your own personal growth. Each and every relationship is also unique, no two people relate in the same way. Comparing two charts together can shed light on the energetic dynamics that occur between two individuals. We not only can learn about our partners chart but new dynamics about our own chart will also arise. What lessons can we learn from our partner? How can we assist our partner in their personal growth and help to nurture them while also nurturing ourselves. This consultation can be done between any two individuals: friends, family members, lovers, business partners, children or even enemies (hopefully you have no enemies). There are 6 phases to this consultation.

Phase 1 (Relationship story): To start the two of you will be asked to each share the general story of the relationship. What kind of relationship do you have with one another? How did you meet? What do you do together? How has the relationship developed? What are the challenges and what are the benefits of the relationship? What is going on currently and what insights would you like to gain? What is your highest vision for the relationship in the future? During this time I will be looking at the charts to see what the main dynamics are between the two charts.

Phase 2 (The birth charts): I will first sum up a synthesis of each individuals chart so that you both can get a clear understanding of each others individual chart.

Phase 3 (Synastry): Then we will look into the synastry chart, which is one chart laid over the other. This chart shows the interactions between the two charts and will shed light on many of the different dynamics within the relationship.

Phase 4 (Composite): Next we will look into the composite chart. This chart is a blending of the two charts into one. In every relationship there is a 3rd entity that gets created which is the relationship itself. The composite chart shows how to nurture the relationship and shows many of the lessons the two of you came together to learn. This chart fascinates me and the longer two people have known each other, the more this chart develops and becomes the main focus.

Phase 5 (Synthesis): Once we have analyzed all the charts and feel we are at a good understanding of all the dynamics. I will weave it all together into a main focus and insight based on what he have found. I will give the two of you an “Astrological Prescription” to focus and meditate on. We also will envision the most harmonious way for the two of you to relate to one another moving forward.

Phase 6 (Closing): Before we finish I will give the two of you a few minutes to talk with each other and share some of the insights you both gained. Perhaps a final question arises with the two of you after gaining these new perspectives. You will be given time to each express yourselves and ask any final questions.

Cost $325

  • Consultation Length: From 2 to 4 hours
  • To Schedule a Relationship Consultation: Send both of your birth dates, exact times of birth and birth locations as well as a short bio of the relationship and what you two would like to focus on during the consultation. Send to: [email protected]
  • Recording: If you would like your session to be recorded you may do so yourself, or I can record it for you and send it to your email for an additional $5 to the cost of the consultation.
  • Method: Consultations can be done in person or via phone, skype or facetime.

Specific Inquiry (Question)

  • This is only available to clients who have already received a “Single session birth chart” consultation from me.

If you have a specific question or are seeking a specific insight and would like to consult your birth chart. I now offer previous clients a short session to look into a specific detail of your chart. Sometimes we have an important event or decision to make and would like some perspective or clarity around it and a look into our birth chart along with transits can help us out tremendously. This is a head first dive into the chart with your single question as our guide!

Cost: $151

  • Consultation Length: About 1 hour
  • To schedule a specific inquiry consultation: Send Birth date, exact time of birth and birth location as well your inquiry for the consultation to: [email protected]
  • Recording: If you would like your session to be recorded you may do so yourself, or I can record it for you and send it to your email for an additional $5 to the cost of the consultation.
  • Method: Consultations can be done in person or via phone, skype or facetime.


Client Testimonials

"I greatly appreciate the passion and enthusiasm Tyler exhibits through his astrological readings.  He patiently takes the time needed to educate about the various aspects of the chart and to answer any questions you may have.  It is evident that Tyler weaves many perspectives into his work and has the desire to uphold his clients' highest good.  I felt he pinpointed important areas for me to focus upon that will support the inner healing and growth I desire.  I would highly recommend Tyler to anyone serious about learning more fully about themselves and who wish to recognize the beliefs and emotions that has shaped their reality and ascertain the next steps to take in order to create anew."

- Mary Anne, Client

“Tyler’s grasp of the cosmic dance is so deeply felt and seen that his readings feel like a cross between child’s play and direct channeling. Tyler expanded my own view of astrology, illuminating how the cyclical patterns of all of creation also influence our individual blueprint. Most importantly, his insights provided me with clear and practical guidelines for realizing the greatest potential for my expansion in this lifetime. I revisit the recording of our session regularly, one of a few truly invaluable touchstones in my life that light my personal journey here. Thank you brother for all the beautiful work you do here in this world, and for sharing your light with such humility, grace and mirth!”

- Mahalie ~ Seattle, Wa, Client

“Tyler is a brilliant astrologer who will make you think about your life in a different way, with insights into how planetary forces and alignments can influence behavioral patterns and how to put that knowledge into practice in your everyday life. He is a gifted communicator who can make complex concepts easy to understand.”

- Hernan ~ Seattle, Wa, Client

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