I never sought out to become an astrologer. When I was younger, my mom used to say things like; “Your momma – she is a Bull (Taurus) don’t mess with her. Your dad – he is a Leo and thinks he is the king. But you? You’re a Libra, which is why you like people so much.”

From this, I remembered at a young age thinking, “Huh, so when we are born has something to do with how we are now?” At that point, I was curious and would take note of my friends’ and family’s birthdays to notice the similarities.

~ Discovering the Birth Chart

It wasn’t until I was about 15 years old when I was combing through the philosophy books at the local bookstore that I found myself in the Astrology section and picked up a book called “The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need” (not true…). That moment is when I discovered the “birth chart”.

I thought “Wow there is so much more to this astrology! (I knew there were more than 12 people on this planet!)” and being the curious person that I am, I got my birth chart calculated and read the entire book front to back.

From then on, it became a topic of study in my life. I read countless books over the years, scoured the internet and started going to the local “astrology night” at a nearby bookstore.

~ The Search

For years I studied and learned a lot about myself and others in the process, however, there was something that I was searching for within it that I just couldn’t explain…

Why was I so into it and what was I searching for…?

I reached a point where I had studied the many different forms of astrology and soaked in tons of information. I knew the subject well and going to that astrology night brought on a realization. I remember there was a moment when I realized that everyone was coming to astrology from the mind and not the heart. Something felt “off”.

~ The Questions

I remember going home after that and the questions arose within me: “Where did astrology come from? What is the root of it? How can I actually see it for myself beyond memorization and information?”

I sat with these questions for a while. I was tired of reading the books and studying astrology, and I felt there is something more to it. A key was missing, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

~ The Epiphany

One evening I was out by a lake in the woods surrounded by cedar trees, sitting by a fire, and looking up at a clear starry night sky. I was holding those questions in my mind, and all of a sudden it happened…

At that moment, it all came together. The voice of nature spoke to me as a vision rushed over me carrying these stories of the astrological connection to nature and the elements, the connection of the solar system and our entire being.

I looked into the flames and around me at the cedars and the stars reflecting in the still lake water, and the wind blew over me stoking the flames even higher. With a loud “pop” from the fire, a spark was released, and I watched it travel up into the night sky…

That was the birthplace of Living Astrology and what would later become The School of Living Astrology. 

~ My New Teachers

In that moment, I decided to put down the astrology books and turn to nature. My new astrology teachers would be mother nature herself: the fire, earth, air, water, Sun, Moon, and stars. 

As this journey went on I learned so much, paying attention to the seasons, cycles of the day, and witnessing the core pattern of astrology reflect out into nature and my daily experience. I was beginning to learn astrology by “heart” through my own experience, and it was truly magical!

~ Sharing the Living Stories

The stories that I received that night began to grow, and from time to time I would share them with friends sitting around the fire. The stories of the signs, planets, and houses of astrology and their direct connection to our living experience on Earth came to life inside of me.

Every time I would share the stories I would get the same response from everyone “Wow! I have never heard it put like that before. Now it all makes sense… Hey! Will you read my chart for me?”

~ The Living Astrology Consultation

It really started to pick up, and I started getting asked by a lot of people to look at their charts for them. I had no idea or any training on how to do a “chart reading” for someone. I simply utilized the stories that I received and applied them to people’s charts. I also realized I wasn’t reading their charts to them, I was listening to them tell me their life stories while consulting the chart and transits for insights. Thus, I called this a ‘Living Astrology Consultation’

So over time, my schedule started to fill up with these sessions, and I thought “Well, I guess I am going to do this”. I began offering my services as an astrologer.

What an amazing thing it is to share this gift that I received from nature and have it help others reconnect to themselves, their hearts, and nature (best job in the world!).

~ Will You Teach Me?

As I worked with more and more people, I started getting asked if I was going to teach this Living Astrology approach. I thought to myself “Sure, maybe someday”. However, it began to change from being asked if I was going to teach, to when I was going to teach! So again, I thought “I guess I am going to do this too…”

I set up a little workshop tour started traveling, sharing the basic cosmological stories of the signs, planets, and houses along the way. People loved it, and after each class, everyone said the same thing – “I have never heard it put that way, now it all makes sense!”

The more that I shared these stories, the more they grew and the more I learned along the way. I loved being able to witness that moment in people’s eyes when it finally “clicked”, and they lit up from within. 

I realized that this is my passion: to help create that feeling and moment of “aha!”. It was the same feeling I felt in that moment sitting in that cedar grove under the stars. I realized that this is what its all about for me. This is what I want to offer from my heart.

~ The School of Living Astrology

After teaching these small classes for a while I started getting asked by people if they could study with me. So again, I realized “Okay, I guess I am going to do this”.

Deciding to take people in and teach them was a big deal, and I considered every angle. “How can I teach this understanding to others in a way where they will actually see it and experience the essence of the teachings?”.

I didn’t want to just share the information. I wanted to awaken the same vision in others that I had received. I needed to create something that brought about the experience of these teachings.

So I looked at my own path with astrology – how did I come to that point? I paid attention to the seasons and cycles, to the elements and nature. So I decided that if I was going to share this it had to be in tune with nature and the seasonal cycles.

From there, I put together an in-person year-long journey and called it The School of Living Astrology. The program consisted of 5, three-day workshops over the course of an entire year beginning on the spring equinox and ending where it began.

I did this for 2 years with a very small group each year, and it was amazing! I learned a lot in the process, refining my own vision and teachings.

~ The SOLA Online Programs

There were many people interested in joining in on this journey, however, most were unable to get the time off work or travel to the location to be in-person. So once again I started being asked: “Can you somehow put these courses online or make an online program so I can learn with you?”

So again I thought ‘I guess I am going to do this!” and I went on the long journey of learning how to build a membership website. I bought a camera and started learning how to shoot videos and “teach a camera” instead of people.

This is how both the SOLA Online Program and Seasonal Cosmology Program were created. It has now been available online for the past 2 years, and I am about to begin the third year of sharing this journey online.

~ The “Camera” & Future Vision

By the end of creating over 60 video lessons, I decided to invest in a better camera and have since then been really getting into both photography and videography. It is a new creative passion of mine, and now the plan is to incorporate this passion into the School of Living Astrology moving forward.

From all of this, a community is starting to grow, and these teachings are starting to spread throughout the astrological community. I am finding new ways to share these stories, and with this new found love of cinematography, I wish to create meaningful content that can carry out this vision and message of Living Astrology even further.

I don’t claim to know everything about astrology because I don’t. I am not concerned with predictions, fortunes, or hypertechnical methods and calculations. I’m just a simple human learning the language of nature and the elements, sharing the little bits of wisdom that I find along the way to inspire others to do the same for themselves… and to leave this art of astrology better than the way I found it.

This has been my journey with astrology thus far, and one can never know where it will lead you. All along the way my path forward was unknown and yet revealed to me in the right moments and times. In a way, I feel astrology chose me as I never got into it wanting to “be an astrologer”. I did, however, always want to help people and contribute to something good in this world.

And that is what I’ll continue to do…

~Tyler Penor


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