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Thank you for deciding to join The School of Living Astrology, I am super excited to share this journey with you! Since you are choosing to take this huge step, I can tell that you are serious about wanting to dive deep into your journey with Astrology.

So I would like to offer you an add on option to the program. Last year a few students took advantage of this opportunity and got a lot out of it. I am offering an "Apprentice Package" to students only, which consists of 4 consultations that will span over the course of the program(one at the end of each season, spring, summer, fall, and winter)

Here are the benefits of the package:

  • You get to dive deep into your studies and apply what you learn directly to your own Birth chart.
  • We get a total of roughly 10 hours of one on one time.
  • You also essentially get a year long consultation
  • We will really get to know one another and our time spent allows me to cater the teachings to your style of learning.
  • Apprentices will get a few extra videos

The Apprentice Package is an additional $620 $612 (Normal value $800)