Interview with Astrology Hub

Interview with Tyler Penor

I was recently asked out of the blue to be interviewed by Astrology Hub TV and thought that I would share it with you all. I will be making a bigger push this year of getting my teachings out into the public arena of the astrology world. My number one vision and goal with my work, beyond the services I offer working with people one on one and creating the School of Living Astrology, is to help in my own way to transform the modern perception of astrology. And to help in some way bring the focus of astrology back into nature and the elements, to work as a language and bridge that can bring us back into harmony with the natural world and the beauty that surrounds us each day.

Thank you to the folks over at Astrology Hub TV for having me on and giving me a chance to share some of my teachings and perspectives. And thank you for being a part of the Living Astrology community! Here is the recorded interview below, enjoy!

Also since doing this interview, I have decided to re-open enrollment for the School of Living Astrology Online Programs! (See below for links to enroll)

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  • Julie Palmer

    Reply Reply April 29, 2018

    I’ve been a member of the Astrology HUB for over a year now and deeply appreciate that different astrologers are invited to speak to the group. At times there have been about 1,500 from all over the world participating in on a live Webinar. It’s an amazing platform for Astrologers to share their individual perspectives, teach and more. It is an incredible blessing for the members to receive this exposure, get “readings”, study with, etc. with the various individuals, gain exposure and knowledge of different types of astrology and more. It is a blessing.

    Tyler’s presentation was beautiful and his perspective genuinely struck a cord with me. I live in the woods of NE Wisconsin where Mother Nature surrounds me throughout the season in all forms of the elements, animals, birds, earth, sky, sun, moon and stars, trees, bushes, plants…I celebrate all. The lake is thawing and turtles are coming to the surface to warm themselves on logs with the sun shining down on them. The great blue herons are returning to their rockery to give birth and more.

    I am so thankful that the seasonal program is reopened now for those of us desiring to learn his perspectives. Thank you Tyler. Oops, my Gemini keeps getting out. LOL

    • Tyler Penor

      Reply Reply April 29, 2018

      Yes I am very thankful for the opportunity to share on Astrology HUB! Thank you Julie and glad that you decided to join the Seasonal Cosmology Program!

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