Take the Scenic Route

“What’s your sign? What do the stars say about my finances? When will I meet the love of my life? I don’t like Scorpios and Gemini people annoy me. My horoscope says today is going to be a bad day… maybe I should just stay in bed. I don’t believe in astrology, the stars can’t control me, I have free will.”

These questions and statements are what fill most people’s minds when speaking of astrology. The perception of astrology in our modern-day has somehow gotten so far off track from its true essence. To those of us who understand and have put the time in to study, it is not even recognizable as the same thing.

“I don’t believe in the astrology that you don’t believe in either…”

When the word “astrology” is spoken to those who would say they either do or do not believe in it, what they see as astrology is not what astrology is. This is the interesting thing with astrology, that to understand it you must look into it yourself. From the outside looking in it is nothing more than a belief system, to those beginning their studies it is nothing more than information and the opinions of others, yet, to those who have seen and awakened to its true nature, it is simply…life.

On my 18-year astrological journey thus far, I have witnessed many shifts and changes on my path. realizations occur which have completely canceled out many years of my studies. Like many things in life, we can say “if I knew back then what I knew now…”

“Which path of astrology should I take? Which one is correct?

The beginning stages of the astrological journey can range from pure excitement and life-changing epiphanies to complete confusion and total analysis paralysis. Most of what we are presented with when we start studying astrology is so generic and mental based that I am sure each one of us feels there is something missing, even if we can’t pinpoint it. I know I felt that way in the beginning, even going to astrology groups and meetups I felt a sense of fakeness and overgeneralization. Something huge was missing…

“Leaving the beaten path…”

One evening I was sitting alone in a cedar grove next to the fire looking up at the stars when a vision came to me holding an epiphany… whispered by the stars and revealed in the fire, nature itself gifted me with a new perception of astrology and shared her stories with me. This moment was the birth of what is now ‘Living Astrology’.

Over the years these stories grew and I began getting asked to help others with their charts, which then evolved into getting asked to teach and share these stories and my approach to astrology, thus, the School of Living Astrology was created.

“A new vision and a greater mission…”

My intention is to carve out a new path for others to take on their own astrological journey, to bypass the confusion and unnecessary mental traps. I call it taking the scenic route, where the destination is not as important as the journey. The Living Astrology path is one of wisdom as opposed to other’s knowledge. Awakening a vision within yourself so that you may understand how to learn “from” astrology, not just “about” it.

I feel as an astrologer it is my responsibility to pass on this ancient wisdom in the best way that I can. In my work, I am constantly confronted with the deformed perception of astrology and have made it my greatest mission to create a community of like-hearted astrologers to collectively do our part in transforming the modern perception of astrology. To focus on its ability to bring clarity, healing, and a direct connection with the natural world and elements.

The Beyond The Horoscope mini-series

I put together a Free mini-series to help paint the picture of the Living Astrology path and the foundational philosophy that supports it. You can Sign Up Here to get instant access to the series. Below is the intro video.

I also have a Free Mini-Course that I created last year which goes into the foundational cosmology of the Living Astrology model. Check it out Here

“Join the Living Astrology movement!”

There are many ways to be a part of this growing community, learning together and being aware of how we share these teachings is the key. If you feel called to join in and follow along with the Living Astrology path, below I have a list of all the links and ways to connect.

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Thank you for being a part of our community! ~Tyler Penor