Below you'll find email copy ideas for the emails you'll send out durning the affiliate prelaunch (mar. 29 - apr. 5) and program launch (apr. 5th - 16th).

Because we really hope you share from your heart throughout this launch, we have chosen to not write out specific emails for you but rather give you key points to launch from. The more you share from your own experience, the better the response will be. No frills, bells, or whistles, just authenticity! Here’s a guide below to move forward


Below is the schedule for the main launch events. To participate in the launch, you must at least send one email announcing the free Prelaunch series, and a second email announcing the open enrollment of the paid program. Though to get the most out of the launch, I highly recommend sending out as many emails as you're able to following the launch schedule below.

During the program enrollment period (apr. 5 - 16), it's also beneficial to send additional emails announcing new bonuses and payment plans (which we will let you know about when they occur), or any bonuses you might be offering as well as incentive for people to enroll.

We'll be emailing you throughout the launch to help guide you and remind you of launch events and other info.


Email 1:

Subject Line Examples:

  • Learn to Perceive the Living Archetypes of Astrology
  • Astrology: Your Key to Understanding Nature
  • Living Astrology: A New Vision for an Ancient Art
  • The Living Astrology Path

Key Points for this Email:

  • The School of Living Astrology is sharing a series that helps you to understand astrology in a way that is tangible and simple. They contain what is often not talked about and is often overlooked and lays the foundation for studying astrology
  • If you’re building a house of astrological studies this is the foundation that will last the rest of your life no matter what system of astrology you choose to study or have studied in the past
  • This series gets to the heart of astrology and where it all originated: nature and the elements
  • Simple, yet profound.

Video Explanation:

  • A combination of philosophy and practical applications of how to see it in real life. We’ve combined the Beyond the Horoscope Mini-Series with the Living Cosmology mini-course that offers a philosophical foundation as well as practical applications of the houses, signs, and planets.
  • Intro video to The Beyond the Horoscope Mini-Series and Lesson 1 of Living Cosmology which explains the cosmology of the solar system and our connection to those planets and how they relate to astrology

Email 2:

Subject Line Examples:

  • The Truth Behind the Zodiac
  • Entering the Gates of Astrology
  • Understanding Astrology from the Heart

Key Points for this Email:

  • Thank folks for checking out the first videos and sharing commentary and insight.
  • Whether you’re looking to become a professional astrologer or you’re brand new to astrology, this series will provide the philosophical and practical foundation you need to dive deeper on your astrological journey.
  • Learn how to see the signs of the zodiac as they express themselves in the elements of nature

Video Explanation:

  • Part 1 of Beyond the Horoscope is where we go into myths around astrology and the perception of it from the outside looking in and what the truth really is at the heart of it.
  • Lesson 2 of Living Cosmology lays out the framework of the 12 signs of the zodiac and how they correlate to the seasonal cycles, the structure of our bodies, the elements and our entire reality.

Email 3:

Subject Line Examples:

  • Beyond the Gates of Astrology
  • The Core Pattern of Astrology
  • More than Just a Sun Sign
  • Through the Eyes of Astrology

Key Points for this Email:

  • Thank you again for joining us on this journey. By now you should be starting to see the basic patterns of astrology and how this could change the way you see your life.

Video Explanation:

  • Part 2 of Beyond the Horoscope discusses the second stage of the astrological journey which is going beyond the gates and discovering the birth chart and how that can be our guide to understand astrology. Here is when we have the realization that we have to learn the core pattern of astrology and that it’s more than just a ‘sun sign’.
  • Lesson 3 of Living Cosmology lays out the foundation to understanding the often misunderstood houses of astrology and how they represent the different areas of life.

Email 4:

Subject Line Examples:

  • Understanding the Birth Chart
  • Astrology as a Tool for Healing
  • The Living Map of the Birth Chart
  • Bringing the Birth Chart to Life

Key Points for this Email:

  • These are the final videos in the free series and really bring all the previous teachings to life. If you want to dive further into understanding the heart of astrology, enrollment for this year’s SOLA Online Program will be opening next week.
  • If you have any desire to help yourself or others with the healing that this understanding of astrology can bring, if there’s a calling in your heart to help others, or if you’ve just loved these videos, then you’ll love what the SOLA Online Program has to offer you.
  • Be sure to keep an eye out in your inbox for more details.

Video Explanation:

  • Part 3 is all about the realization that everything we wanted to know about astrology is right in front of us. It’s the elements, the seasons, and our reflection in nature. Once we are at this stage of understanding, now it is our responsibility… how are we going to walk with this knowledge and share it in a good way?
  • Lesson 4 of Living Cosmology weaves everything together within the birth chart as a whole. This video addresses how to approach a birth chart and use it for healing.

Email 5:



Email 6:


Subject Line Examples:

  • Last Call for The School of Living Astrology Online Program
  • Learn From Astrology, Not Just About It.
  • Your Key to Learning from Nature Disappears at Midnight PST
  • The Best Astrology Program You Can Find Online

Key Points for This Email:

  • Over $1180 in Bonuses:
    • Lifetime access to the Seasonal Cosmology Program ($800 value)
    • Lifetime access to Living Cosmology ($100 value)
    • A FREE Living Astrology In-Depth Consultation ($200 value)
    • 2 FREE Future Mini-Courses ($200+ value)
    • Journey Through the Zodiac Mandala Book ($20 value)
  • Throughout this program, you’ll gain the wisdom to literally change lives. This program isn't just about learning astrology. It's about shifting the way you interact with life around you. It's about looking to the elements as our teachers; seeing the connection between plants, planets, and people; and expanding our vision to see the spirit within all living things. Astrology is just the vehicle for self-evolution, and we all deserve the chance to be more connected in our lives, to learn, and to grow.
  • Whether you're a practitioner looking to use this in your practice, an astrologer or astrologer-to-be, or you're curious for your own self-discovery, these teachings will undoubtedly restructure your connection to nature as well as your connection to yourself.
  • 15 month payment plan making monthly payments go from $149 to $116 a month
  • Enrollment closes at midnight PST April 16th.

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